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- 28th Febuary 2000 -

Well the Kewies have made quite an impact on the WA scene, winning games left, right and centre. Unfortunately the lack of females in our team, often means our wins become losses.

Luckily, we have picked up a new female player, EMMMA - 'Don't call me Em!'. Emma has been recruited from a team, which shall remain nameless. Dynamic in defense, with a flair for offense Emma has made the Kewies a force to be reckoned with.

Speaking o f forces, one should pay special attention to another new player, Bruce. Bruce seems to be tireless in his approach to Ultimate, often running down his man in amazing burst of speed. Bruce will one to watch throughout this season and others to come.

- 30th January 2000 -
  Well not much happening on the frisbee scene for the Cucumbers, though it looks like we are losing KJ and Dean. Dean has been accepted a position in Aberdeen and KJ, as the loving spouse has to follow.  

More updates have been added to the site. Additions are a counter on the main page and a semi-complete players list.

As requested I have provided a main naivgation page for photos. You have a choice of either clicking on the quick links in the menu or access the photo page for links.

- 24th January 2000 -
  Site is still under construction, so bear with me, though photo's are up and running. Click on the photo's to see a larger image. The images are approximately 50% of the original size and can be supplied on demand.  
- 12th January 2000 -
  Welcome to the new Cucumbers in Kakadu website, a place focussed on the enjoyment of frisbees, cucumbers and outback adventures. Currently CiK competes in the Western Australian Flying Discs Associations ultimate league. This will be our 3rd season as a team and, hopefully which shall place better than last this time. All we have to do is remember, 'Most Fun Wins'.  
  CiK played in the recent State Open, under the guise of WAPET, and naturally placed last, though we had a lot of fun. Photo's of this 2 day event can be found here.  
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