Hi. My name is John Leathley alias 'the Superpom' a nickname given to me back in the early 70's by Harold Davies the then sales manager of the company I worked for 'Girlock'. The nickname was also sought after by the state manager also a "Pom", of the "stiff upper lip" type, Major, ex Royal Marines etc, etc.

I have spent 42 years of my life in the auto repair industry culminating in the ownership of my own business 'Amfor Motors' of East Perth, Western Australia.

I am now retired and enjoying every minute to the full.

I migrated to Australia in 1973 with my wife Sandra and two sons Christopher and Anthony. Born of a marriage between my Father (English) and Mother (Swiss) who went to England in 1939 to learn the language, but couldn't get back home due to the hostilities, I Have a Brother who lives in Ulm Germany and a Sister in York England. We are a well spread family.

I enjoy working on old classic cars and flying planes (MS Flight Simulator) between Perth and Rottnest Island, a local holiday resort.

On my site you will find links to some of the cars I am working on or special events which have featured these cars aswell as other interests I have such as electronics and ham radio.

If you would like to send me an email then I can be contacted on

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