Covering an area in excess of  half a million square kilometers, The Pilbara situated  in the North West  of Western Australia contains some of the richest iron ore mineral deposits in the world .  The two main mining towns are Newman & Tom Price with Dampier (Karratha) & Port Hedland being the major ports where the iron ore is shipped overseas via a rail link to the mine sites. These ore trains can be up to 3.5 kilometers in length & employ some of the worlds highest horsepower & most modern locomotives to pull them. As well as iron ore deposits, one of the worlds major manganese deposits is found at Woodie Woodie, 400km south east  of Port Hedland.  The North West Shelf off the Dampier coast is where the large petroleum gas field from which natural gas is exported overseas & is piped to Perth for consumer use. 

The Popular tourist sites are the Karajini & Milstream-Chichester National Parks . The Hamersley Range Gorges & off the coast at Exmouth is the famous Ningaloo Reef & further north the Dampier Archipelago. Mount Augustus , the largest rock in the world can be found some 300km north east of Carnarvon where several aboriginal paintings can be found.   The region contains some of the world's oldest surface rocks, including the ancient fossilised remains known as stromatolites and rocks such as granites that are more than three billion years old.

The Gascoyne-Murchison region covers a broad geographical area to Coral Bay in the North West, Eneabba and Carnamah in the south and just short of Leinster and Wiluna in the east of Western Australia. The region is large and encompasses a diverse landscape from sea to desert and a diverse population of Indigenous cultures and heritage.  The Gascoyne River is the longest river in Western Australia & extends for a length of approximately 800 km from the coast at Carnarvon, inland to the east.  The Murchison River located further south at Kalbarri is the second longest river in the state.  The Murchison region has been  extensively cleared for agriculture with grain crops where the Gascoyne agriculture is mainly pastoralist areas of sheep & cattle stations, both contributing significantly to the W.A. economy.  This area also contains large mineral resources including gold in the Meekatharra, Cue, Mt. Magnet, Yalgoo, Sandstone & Paynes Find regions. It is also is a popular tourist region with Kalbarri on the coast to the old gold mining towns of Cue, Sandstone & Meekatharra in the central area of Western Australia.  There are many historical sites to be seen when travelling the Mullewa-Gascoyne Junction & the Meekatharra-Ashburton Downs Roads.

One interesting place of a historic nature I have visited is a landmark called 'Milly Soak' situated on a sheep station some 15km north of Cue. It is a pleasant spot to stop & have a cuppa under shady gum trees & visualise how it was in the early pioneer days. The turn-off is 16km north of Cue on the left side of the Great Northern Highway as you head north just before the Nallan Nature Reserve & 5km west down a station track. Look out for the sign post as you can miss it if not observant.  Remember this historic site is on private property & you are only allowed to visit it if you abide by the conditions of no camping, no shooting & leave the area untouched on completion. As the saying goes 'Leave only footprints & memories'.  The history of Milly Soak begins during the early gold rush days of the town of Cue in the early 1890's.  It was an important water source for the township when the existent ground water supply from the nearby creek became  polluted  due to poor sanitary practices which caused an outbreak of Typhoid fever killing many of the mining community; two of whom are buried here & their graves are located nearby.  It was the site of a hospital tent during the outbreak. It also was the local recreation picnic spot.


          Bilung Pool              Nth. of Murchison

Gov. Well No.19  Mullewa-Gascoyne Rd.

       Historic Gate         Mt. Narryer Station   

Errabiddy Out Camp Ruins - Murchison

Gov. Well No.9   Mullewa-Gascoyne Rd.

Historic Shepherd's Stockyard - Mullewa Gascoyne Rd.

    Bamboo Springs Nth. of  Mulgul Homestead

    Bamboo Springs     Nth. of Mulgul Homestead

Landscape Ashburton River Sth. Mt.Vernon

Sunrise Top Camp Goldfield

         Landscape  Mt. Vernon

Stock Route Well Turner Creek

Milly Soak

Grave Site Milly Soak

            Grave  G. Hardy

            Grave  D. Hammersley