My first Troopy purchased in 1985, was a 1983 FJ45 Series Toyota Landcruiser to which I installed a model 3F petrol engine complete with extractors & 2inch exhaust system (the original engine was stuffed!!).  The vehicle was fitted out with bucket seats, dual batteries, stowage cupboards, a 90 litre water tank behind the driver/passenger seats plus a 120 litre long range fuel tank  where the spare wheel used to be plus an engine driven Magnum Air Compressor.   The vehicle served me well having travelled north via the Pilbara,the Kimberly's, & parts of the Great Sandy Desert, east via the Gunbarrell Highway & Oodnadatta Track, down through  the south west & south east of Western Australia (several times), and through a lot of the Goldfield Country around Kalgoorlie.  I had the FJ for 8 years having travelled over 200,000km before trading it in for my present Troopy a 1990 model HJ75 series Troopy.

My First Troopy

Engine Bay

Rear View

Front View

Stowage Cupboards

Inside View

90 Litre Water Tank

120 Litre L.R. Fuel Tk.