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"Vehicle Ride Response - A Comparison of Measures Using Virtual Test Facilities"
This paper examines a number of ride response measures (Absorbed Power, Vibration Dose Value, Root Mean Quad, and Root Mean Square weighted acceleration), and their relationships. The methodology uses synthesised road surfaces with prescribed spectral properties and pitch plane vehicle dynamics models to predict the response of the vehicle system at various speeds. This report is approx 342k and is in pdf format within a zip archive.
"Road and Surface Roughness - A Comparison of Measures Useful for Vehicle Ride Dynamics"
This report examines the detrended rms, IRI, Ride Number (RN), and the relationships between these measures.This is a draft report, and is approx 147k and is in pdf format within a zip archive.
"Lotus Elan Rear Suspension - The Effect of Halfshaft Rubber Couplings"
This report details an investigation into the effect of the halfshaft rubber couplings on the rear suspension, including a 3D dynamics analysis of the handling of the vehicle with and without the rubber couplings. This is a draft report, and is approx 1.6MB and is in pdf format.
"Con Rod Length and Piston Motion in Lotus-Ford Twin Cam Engines"
This report details an investigation into the geometry defining piston dwell, piston displacement, velocity, acceleration and crank moment arm at varying crank angle, as affected by stroke, con rod length and piston pin offset. It aims to provide a rigorous basis on which these affects can be further studied. This report is approx 370k and is in pdf format.

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