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Pants on Fire was a short animation I did, to try to learn a bit more about animating in Flash.
My intention was to try turning it into an online cartoon where I did one episode, then a friend would do the next episode.
Due to time restrictions and waning interest, the series never really took off.

Below are a few of the shots I did in preparation for the next episode I was to do. Unfortunately, this episode has not been completed yet.

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Two of Matt's most trusted advisors attempt to speak to Him.

A soldier goes to attack.

This is the chair Matt is sitting on in the first shot.
In the final version, the chair was going to turn around to reveal Matt.

This is sketch of the chair above, when I was mapping
out how the rotation was going to work.

This is a room filled with growth tanks or somesuch, where new and
fearsome soldiers are vat grown. Or something like that.