I'm a big, BIG fan of Anime and since I can't draw for shit, I'm gonna show you what I CAN draw!

These are drawings I did a couple of weeks ago (May) and I want to display them on my webpage. They're not the best but I think they're not that bad, since I could only draw stick figures before. So, enjoy!

As you can see, page 1 contains the first drawings I've ever done. It does get better, although I have no idea what happened to page 4! :-P

The only problems I have are drawing the hair, the body and the chin but other then that I believe the eyes are my best asset!

As I get better, I will add color and finalise them. These are only first-hand drafts!

UPDATE: 11th June 2004

I've included some new anime-drawn pages. As you can see, theyre not as good as page 5 or 6 and I now know the reason why - I can't draw my own images for shit! :-( All the images before page 7 are drawn from existing anime characters, so I think from now on I'll stick to drawing images from books, movies etc. There's one magazine that I've been buying regularly now called NewType. It's an import anime magazine and despite it's hefty price tag (i.e. $19.95), it's probably one of the best sources I find on everything anime. So...check it out!