Theatre through the centuries has been the medium of expression of the deepest of human emotions and enjoyment and, in its small way, the Roleystone Theatre has been an enthusiastic contributor

The occasion of our 60th Anniversary is a great moment and we celebrate proudly. In doing so I would like to express my gratitude to all those who by their unstinting enthusiasm and hard work have brought into being a strong and highly regarded community asset. We are also deeply appreciative of the support given us by the City of Armadale - help which has always been readily available and contributed in no small way to the wonderful facility we have to work with.

In the past 60 years, from very small beginnings, we have moved ever upwards, gaining on our way such prestigious recognition as the Sampson Cup, The Robert Finley Awards and hosting of the 1993 State Drama Festival.

Success is not something one, no matter how well intentioned, can achieve alone, it takes the. co-operation and combined efforts of a very diverse and multi-talented membership. This we have.

I am proud to be President of the Roleystone Theatre, particularly so on this wonderful occasion - our 60th Birthday, but I am prouder still of those members past and present whose unstinting support have made us what we are - an acknowledged contribution to live theatre in Western Australia.


President, Roleystone Theatre Inc.


It is very important that we take the time to stop and look back on what has happened in the past; it gives people the opportunity to appreciate and value what we have now.

The writing of a history of the Roleystone Theatre - note, not the history, for I do not presume for one moment that this document is a definitive statement on the subject, has been a rather formidable research task, where lack of primary resource material, (these are things like records of rninutes, reports, correspondence, financial returns, photographs and programmes) was a problem. Much more could have been said and undoubtedly said much better, but the important thing is that some formal attempt has been made to put something down which could be the basis for future research, which I'm sure there will be when the Theatre's centenary is celebrated in 2033!

I wish to acknowledge the help and assistance that 1 have been given by theatre members, and particularly by a large number of former members who were so willing to let me invade their homes and then to put up with my barrage of questions about "what was it like when you were a member then?" For much vital information of this kind, I must thank Irma Barrett, Bessie Spivee, Wirlie Moore, Pat Teague, Rowland Law Davis, Marjorie Lowe, Curnow Knuckey, Ken Knuckey, Lloyd and Eleanor Knuckey, Neil Parker, Merv Munday, Margaret and Vern Bettenay, Colin Hatfield, Mavis Nicholls and Mavis and Jack Hart. On the practical side, the production of this document would not have been possible without the assistance of my wife, Linda, who so patiently attended to the typing of the manuscript, and to the staff of Gosnells Print, who when given such short notice was willing and able to have it printed on time.

To members of the theatre, I trust you "take the time" to read this history and in doing so find it enjoyable and worthwhile. If it makes you feel a little proud about being a member of this wonderful community institution then I think something has been achieved.


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