committee was duly put in place. Vice President elected was the indomitable Mary Knuckey with May Hart, Secretary and Bill Moore, Treasurer. The committee elected at this crucial meeting consisted of Margaret Bettenay, Mrs Smithson, Mrs Hazell and Mrs R. Wesley.
Mary Knuckey, true to form, was prepared to produce 'lolanthe' for the Spring Festival of that year but at the second meeting in June moved that it be postponed until the following year due to lack of members to fill the large cast required.
MARGARET BETTENAY joined the Roleystone Choral and Dramatic Society in 1947, when, as a new teacher in Roleystone, she was quickly and eagerly inveigled into the Society which after the inactivity of the war years was rapidly regaining its reputation as one of the little community's most important. social organisations. Immediately she was rehearsing a play 'Pearly Pearls'. About six years later it was produced again but by that time Margaret was busy having children. Since the late '60s she has been in numerous plays and musicals, looked after props, been prompt and in charge of costumes Instead Mary proposed that a concert be substituted, a programme which she submitted for the meeting's 'approval. Despite the appointment of a committee to organise this concert, lack of support and interest meant it had to be cancelled, festival or not. This decision was taken in August and no more meetings were held until March 1968. Obviously the restoration of the Society was proving to be rather more tentative and tenuous than expected. At that first meeting in 1968, Mr Birtwhistle was elected as chairman, in the absence of the President Jock Pettigrew. He was to ask the small gathering at this meeting whether it was worthwhile continuing as a society. However Mrs. Hart moved that the Society continue and that a meeting be held at a private home to discuss future plans. Election of officers was postponed although it was suggested that Mr John Van der Mark take on the position of President - a situation he wasn't prepared to accept until he'd had 'time to think about it'
On the 9th April, members met at the home of Mr & Mrs Jack Hart and after discussion Mrs Margaret Bettenay moved 'that the Society be continued in its present form'. Present at that meeting was David Geddes, a teacher at the Roleystone school. He was 'a young man keenly interested in music and theatre arts and he was promptly elected President. Two definite decisions were made and apparently acted upon. The next meeting was to be advertised through the .local newspaper and notices were to be sent out 'via the school children' and for discussion at the next meeting. Mr Geddes and Mr Sullivan were to procure suitable plays, while Mr Van der Mark was to compile a programme of music. On a motion from Mr Birtwhistle, all members present were co-opted onto a planning committee and significant in the list was the name of Jack Hart, who was to play a very important part in the Society's future history. No decision was made however to produce 'lolanthe' in 1968, although rehearsals had already started. Mrs Knuckey was not well and her long active involvement with the theatre was unfortunately coming to an end. Mrs Ivy Parker, long retired from the Society's activities, died earlier that year.
In May plans to produce 'Man For All Seasons' were discontinued and it was suggested that the contribution for that year's Spring Festival should be a show along the lines of a Music Hall. Members were asked to make suggestions for such a programme and a committee consisting of Mr Geddes, Mrs Margaret Bettenay and Mrs Ridnell was formed to organise the show. Whatever form the concert took it was regarded a huge success. In the minutes of the meeting of December 4th, 1968, Mr Pettigrew, 'moved a vote of thanks
MAVIS HART has been the sweetheart of Roleystone Theatre for more years than she cares to remember! May's involvement with The Roleystone choral and Dramatic Society began in 1952. Along with the late Jock Pettigrew and other stalwarts, she was responsible for the revitalisation of the Society from its seven year doldrums of 1960-67 Apart from her activities with Roleystone May has performed in CWA Drama festivals and several productions at Garrick Theatre. She last trod the boards' at Roleystone in 1977' as a fag-smoking resident of Spadger's Lane in 'Sentimental Bloke' . Since 1986 she has been responsible for makeup for every production, but as the casts became more numerous and lighting effects more sophisticated, she gave up stage to devote all her energies to makeup to Mr Geddes for the excellent job he had done in holding the Society together and for producing an excellent concert. This was seconded by Mr Hart who also added that all members had enjoyed the season's activities and all had a wonderful time'. It would appear that Mr Geddes' presence and the contributions he made provided a certain amount of inspiration to which the members of the Society positively reacted. The Festival Concert programme which so re-assured the confidence of the Society saw the introduction to the Roleystone stage, of Patricia Pritchard, who was invited along earlier to take part in the rehearsals for 'Iolanthe'. Margaret Bettenay remembers 'glowing reports of a fine soprano arriving in the district', more than sufficient recommendation to have her join the society, especially in those difficult and still uncertain days. Preparation for a show to coincide with the Roleystone Spring Festival was again of top priority in 1969. A 'concert revue' was suggested at which guest artists would be invited to perform. For its efforts, whatever members finished up doing, the Society was to receive $62.00 for the Festival Committee which just covered .production costs. David Geddes was again the co-ordinator of the programme. , The concert was apparently as great a success as the previous years, for at the October meeting members indicated that they were in favour of putting two concerts on in 1970.
At this point the Knuckey name reappears in the Society's records. Pianiste for the concert was Lyn Knuckey, the grand daughter of Mary. This was to be, for her, the beginning of a long and dedicated involvement with the theatre at Roleystone. The A.G.M. of March 1970, however, was to see the end of another person's association with the Society. Mr David Geddes was shortly to leave WA. for the . U.K. President Pat Pritchard in moving a vote of thanks expressed appreciation

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