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Why does our society work well for a minority of wealthy people while the ordinary have so much trouble getting it to work for them?

Feedback, in some form is neccessary to successful control. This is a law of nature that applies to everything from technology, to biology and to society.

The conscept of providing a feedback mechanism to a controlling body leads them on to having an enlightened approach. A mind of their own, to some degree. Sooner or later someone objects with "It's as if they have a damned mind of their own!" If the feedback isn't what certain people want then they may refer to the scenario of "feeding a monster".

Our way of thinking is to just do things. This consideration of feedback is one that society pathologically ignores.

... They need to.

Controlling bodies don't want control, not in the way it should be.

They want power ... uncontrolled power.

If you get paid for a job then it's not worth doing.
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