Arcade Emulation

Emulation Is Fun!

I love emulation. MAME is my favourite emulator and I've followed is progress very closely since discovering it in 1998. My only contribution to the MAME community is through assisting others who don't understand the software. I have only a sketchy understanding of the code and currently any development is beyond me despite the fact that I'm an excellent C programmer - I've made a career of software development (starting as a C programmer). Here's a few items that may interest some people.

MameInfo Files

Here's some MAME information files I've created with a suite of sed/awk scripts I wrote one rainy day.

  1. MAME CHD Information Table (All MAME CHD game information sourced from 'chdman -listxml')
  2. MAME CHD Information Table (text) (All MAME CHD game information sourced from 'chdman -listxml')
  3. MAME BIOS Information Table (All MAME BIOS's sourced from 'mame -listxml')
  4. MAME Baddump Information Table (All MAME baddumps sourced from 'mame -listxml')
  5. MAME Nodump Information Table (All MAME nodumps sourced from 'mame -listxml')
  6. MAME Info History (Previous zipped versions of the above pages/files)

Game Maps

Here's some full game maps that I've created with some help from my friends.

  1. 1942 Map Project (The 1942 game map as one large continuous image)
  2. Star Force Map Project (The Star Force game map as one large continuous image)

Arcade Walkthrough's, Hints & Tips

Most of my misspent time is taken up with playing games of one form or another. It seems appropriate that I should at least make a feeble attempt at justifying this abuse of my time :-) To this end I provide a couple of pages of game notes, mainly hints and tips on how to get through various arcade games that I've accumulated over the years. The notes are mine unless otherwise indicated.

I have both written and collected many walk through's over the years. Most of these are printed out on various pieces of paper and don't have electronic equivalents. As time and space permits I will put more and more of these up.

  1. Bubble Bobble / Super Bubble Bobble
  2. Fighting Fantasy / Hippodrome
  3. Karnov / Karnovj
  4. Legend Of The Hero Tonma
  5. R-Type
  6. Splatterhouse
  7. Star Force / Mega Force (415 KB of in gamepics)
  8. Zero Wing (screenshots of the special item)