Fighting Fantasy / Hippodrome


Sword      -      Good for the Scorpion Man and Wizard
Hammer     800    Not too good for anything
Battle-Axe 800    Great for quickly killing almost everything
Halberd    3000   Great long range weapon
Potion     500    Adds one notch to your life bar
Pendant    3500   Gives you another entire life bar after the first lost

Enemy VS Weapon Power/strength

                    Sword Hammer Battle-Axe  Halberd
Lamia Noble         1     1      3           1s
Gargoyle            1     2      3           1s
Lizard Man          1     1      3           1s
Armor Dragon        1     1      2           1s
Scorpion Man        2     1      3           1s
Wizard              2     2      3           1s
Assassin            1     1      3           1s
Giant               1     1      1*          1s

s = 'strong' damage point - not sure what it means
* = games says you can't use this weapon, but you can select it anyway

The moves

The most powerful move is the down thrust with the Battle-Axe which can be achieved by holding up and jumping and then pressing down and fire at the same time.

It is possible to get perfect's with every battle. I've done it but never all in the same game. The Assassin's are hardest to get perfects on. The Giant surprisingly, can be quite easy if you get a rythym going with the Halberd and your jumps.


I still can't work out the scoring. You score for each strike of a weapon, surviving a round, time bonus, and for not getting hit. Not getting hit also increases your gold count.