Legend Of The Hero Tonma


This is a great platform game from Irem. I played it in the arcades because it had cool bosses and backgrounds, simple game play and was and was relatively easy on default settings.

Game Mechanics

The game has 6 levels. Button 1 is fire and Button 2 is jump. By pushing up when you jump, Tonma will drop slowly. You can move in mid air left or right at will, contrary to standard Newtonian Physics. The movement is fairly linear, you can return to all parts of the current level you have visited with the current life. If you die you start at the last door you reached previously and can't go back any further. To reach the boss you go to the right in 1/2 the levels and climb up to the top in the other half. Most enemies (except the statues) regenerate after you have moved off screen and come back.

The powerups/items are fairly simple:

Increases shooting power. 1st P increases straight shot. 2nd P turns shot pattern into a sine wave. 3rd, 4th, 5th adds 1,2 or 3 secondary homing bullets or bombs depending on what secondary power you have.
Secondary homing bullets. Homing and Bomb are mutually exclusive.
Secondary lobbing bombs. Bomb and Homing are mutually exclusive.
5 blue balls rotate around Tonma protecting him from incoming shots.
To open the next door that is blocking your way forward.
Contains either coins (points) or a blue globe that turns enemies into coins for a short time.
Money bags just give you points.
One free life.


A brief description of the highlights in each stage follow.

  1. Routine. Get close but don't shoot the Skeleton boss until he breaths. He won't fire if you hit him enough and stay close to him.
  2. Routine. Don't get too close to the statues or they will shoot. Start on the right of the Snake boss and then move left when he moves from left to right across the top of the screen.
  3. Use the trees or you will be wasted by green guys. Get the blue globe and keep moving to the right. Collect the B powerup asap. Get the free life on the bridge. The Tree boss is a joke, just get close and fire away.
  4. A tough level. Work your way to the top. Be careful with the statues but be fairly quick. The boss is pretty tough until you learn the rhythm. You have to shoot at the 2 Rock bosses as guys as they appear as this is the only time they take damage. Concentrate on one and kill him before going for the other. Be prepared to jump over the rocks or to walk under them.
  5. A nasty level. The green guys keep coming. Timing is essential. The path is fairly obvious. At the end you have to bounce on a blue guy to get a high enough jump to reach the high ledge before the boss. The Skull boss is tough. You have to find the 'sweet spot' where your bombs and bullets are pumping him and the small rocks he throws. Lookout when he throws the large rock that splits into small ones.
  6. An absolutely wicked level. You have to keep moving, hanging around is hazardous to your health. Make your way to the right and jump up to the next ledge. Work your way to the far left and jump across to collect the B powerup before going back to the right and up to the next ledge. Collect the goodies on the right, especially the free life before handling the statues on the left. (Incomplete - ???)