Splatterhouse was a favourite to my macabre sense of humour when it came out in the arcades. I just loved the hollow 'thwock' that the ghouls made when you hit them with the plank. The 'Jason Vorhees' type character really suited me :-). Splatterhouse is not a complex game and it is reasonable simple to learn how to finish it which is part of its appeal I suppose.

Game Mechanics

The game has 7 levels and does not repeat. It is a typical, simple platform game where scrolling is usually automatic and you can't return back to the left. The game does have branches in that there are holes you can fall down, so often there is an upper and lower section. In all cases the upper path is the most simple. Only take the lower path if you are looking for more score and more of a challenge. You can't linger on any one screen because a moving barrier appears on the left to force you to keep moving right.

Weapons And Items

The 1st button is for punch/kick and the 2nd button is for jump. To collect an item stand on it and press down or up to collect it. There is one special move that is worth learning - the slide. It is achieve by running and jumping and then pulling down and fire when you have almost landed on the floor. It is a powerful manoeuvre that does more damage than punch and kick.

Good for hacking the enemy.
Enemies make a great noise when hit. Longer range than the cleaver.
Good long range weapon - throw it at the enemy.
Two of them in stage 3 (8 shots each). Use them on the chainsaw boss.
Found in the cathedral. Use it to destroy the Possessed Crucifix.

The Stages

Some Omissions

I haven't explained the underground sections. Typically they have lots of snakes. The general idea is that you've made a mistake if you go down there but there are lots of points to be had if you are really adventurous.

Stage 1

Level Description
Use the items on the way. Time your hits/kicks. Keep moving to the right.
Boss - Snakes
Stand at the left or right edge of room and face the middle and repeatedly punch. Duck and kick when the snakes get close to you.

Stage 2

Level Description
The level is in two parts - upstairs and in the sewers underground. Upstairs is similar to the 1st level. In the sewers collect the Plank. You have to jump the floating mines. If you lose your plank when you get hit just duck in the water to pick it up again.
Boss - Poltergeist
Avoid the falling debris at the start. When the chair starts bouncing move and hit it then move back to the right side of the room and face left. Repeatedly hit the 3 knives until they stop moving (3 hits each) and then move to the middle of the room and punch the painting that has started moving. Just punch it until it stops moving. Move out of the way of the chandelier which falls down at the end of the level.

Stage 3

Level Description
You find a gun near the start with 8 shots. There is another at the end of the level. The boss takes 10 hits to destroy so you should only use at most 6 shots before reaching the boss. Kill the enemies by ducking and kicking. Avoid the shadows on the bridge if you don't want to go underground. Careful jumping across the spikes. When you reach the 2nd gun you need to inch forward by collecting a gun, then moving a bit, then collecting the other gun etc.
Boss - Chainsaw Dude
Don't shoot the boss too quickly or not all shots will register, just one shot at a time knocking him back each time. When one gun runs out, pick up the other and finish the boss. He takes 10 shots.

Stage 4

Level Description
Use the harpoons in the 1st section. Time the jumps at the rotating knives. The 2nd section consists of several mirrors. You find your evil counterpart 3 times behind 3 of the mirrors. The mirrors are the 4th, 5th and 5th mirrors along. The Stay upstairs at all costs. Don't fall down the hole unless you want some pain.
Boss - The Crucifix
Collect the Axe and move right until the crucifix stops moving. The crucifix then alternates between the right and left sides of the room. The only thing you have to look out for is a head that comes at you periodically. Axe the Cross enough times to destroy it.

Stage 5

Level Description
This stage is divided up into 5 small sections. Section 1 has bouncing chairs and is easy - use the plank. Section 2 is a broken sloped walkway and you have to time your jumps to avoid being hit by hands. Take the upper ladder at the end if you want to do the easier section. Section 3 consists of haunted paintings. Simple but avoid the holes. In Section 4 you meet your shadow again 3 times. Secton 5 consists of lots of snakes. Don't get trapped on the left side of the room at the end of the level.
Boss - Possessed Girlfriend
Your girlfriend turns into a hideous monster 3 times. Each time the monster takes 6 hits. The general idea is to hit the monster as it jumps over you and then move away from it so you don't get clawed. On the 3rd appearance the boss doesn't jump over you so you just have to hit and move away to kill him.

Stage 6

Level Description
This stage is too easy. Just kick the bubbles that form on the floor.
Boss - The Blob
Too easy. Stand right next to him and punch away. If bubbles form down low then duck and kick. Move away when the Blob is in his death throws because he spills his guts all over the floor.

Stage 7

Level Description
Have to jump the flames and avoid the flame guys. Just time your jumps.
Boss - Head In The Graveyard
Stand next to him and punch until a hand appears. To avoid the hands you have to time your jumps. Immediately a hand appears stop hitting the boss and prepare for your jump. After taking enough hits the boss moves to the other side of the screen. Repeat the previous instructions until he is dead.