Zero Wing

The Special Item

Bummer! I was playing ZeroWing and forgot to record the inp. Every now and then in the game (every tenth game or so) a special powerup appears that gives you a souped up weapon. I'd like to know what triggers off this weapon appearing. If you have any ideas let me know. This occurs in both the arcade game and also in the Megadrive/Genesis version of the game.

The special powerup seems to be a visual display only - it does not enhance the power of your weapon but makes the bullets bigger.

BTW - please ignore my score, I'm playing the MAME version with the invincibility dipswitch on, I'm not that good!

The Special Powerup Extra Firepower?
The special powerup - what makes it appear? Extra fire power from the special powerup?
Softening Up A Boss The Boss Feeling The Pain
Special powerup softening up a boss. He doesn't like it very much!