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What we teach.

We originally started as a Line Dance group,
But now also offer ZUMBA® & Zumba Gold® fitness classes. 
If your unsure what those styles are, then let me explain a little...
Line Dancing
Ok I admit, mention Line Dancing and some people will think of rows and rows of dancers, dancing to Achy Breaky Heart from way back in the 90's .. LOL... Forget that corny old stereotype, today's modern Line-dancing will have you bopping along to a wide variety of rhythms and music genres, Latin, Pop, Rock, Modern Country, Waltz, Cha Cha, Rumba, etc…    
Line-dance is a fun social style of dance, you don't need a partner, suitable for all ages and levels, it's good for your memory, you'll make new friends and also fit a little low impact exercise into your day, what more can you ask for..come along and give it a try.
ZUMBA® ... Is a Latin inspired fitness party...
We don't call it a workout because workouts are hard and boring, and ZUMBA® is FUN and EASY TO FOLLOW. You'll be moving and shaking to fun Latin rhythms like Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia, and Reggaeton.
ZUMBA GOLD® ... the LOWER IMPACT version..PARTY ON!!... and ON.. and ON
We use the same Zesty Latin music, but modify the moves! Using more of the basic steps, some slower rhythms and keeping the impact low makes it great for Newcomers as well as the "Young at Heart".. well really just ANYONE who would PREFER a lower-impact class
For Zumba, you will need to bring a water bottle, wear a good pair of trainers, comfortable clothing, and perhaps even a small towel. You will sweat, and you will get thirsty!!
** visit my Zumba® profile at http://tina4.zumba.com

What to wear: (Line Dancing)

Casual wear is the norm, (you don't have to dress up, just be comfortable) and secure footwear is a must (no thongs etc). Something with fairly a smooth sole, as you to have some slide on the floor. You'll generally find most low heeled dress shoes are fine to start with.

DANCE SHOES: Once you have decided that line dancing could be a long term hobby for you, you may wish to invest in a pair of dance shoes. We are now able to offer our students a range of smart looking, reasonably price dance shoes, Ask in class to see the catalogue



I started line dancing in 1997 and after a while was asked to be the teachers assistant, showing beginners the basics, then on to teach their daytime beginners class. Shortly after my former instructor retired and I went on to operate my own classes.
Over the years I have competed in local & Inter-state Line Dancing competitions, and also coached some of my students for competition. One of my proudest moments was when 11 students from the children's class travelled to Tamworth to compete in the Australian Line Dance Championships and 8 of the 11 returned with awards.  
I am a certified Zumba® instructor, and I have also studied Ballroom & Latin technique, passing several levels with high commendations. As similar techniques are used in Line Dancing and Zumba®, having this extra knowledge can be useful at times.

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