West Australian

Lets not overlook the great talent we have right here in our own backyard

There are heaps more dances out there than this
SO….If you would like your dance included, please send me the step sheet in (.doc) or (.pdf) format
This page is reserved for dances choreographed by West Australian Residents only.

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2 Good Reasons (Bill Pastorok) Int +
A Little Cuckoo (Wanda Helt) Beg 
A Little Lonesome (Tina Scammell) Int
A Wonderful World (Alison Johnstone) Beg/Int
All or Nothing (Julie/Dave Molkner & Lisa Foord) Adv
As Always (Julie Molkner) Easy Int
Baby Baby (Mary Squillace) Int
Baby You've Got It (Bill Larson) Beg
Babycham-On Ice (Wanda Heldt) Upper-Beg 
Baja Cha Cha (Bill Larson) Int
Belle Amor (Wanda Heldt) Beg 
Blue Jeans (Tina Scammell) Beg
Bootkicking (Sin Bishop/Grima) Beg/Int
Break In 2 (Wanda Heldt) Int
Brett's Special (Brett Smith) Beg
Bronco Rock (Julie Molkner)
Bumpity Bump (Linda Webb) Easy Int 
Capture the Moon (Tamara Molkner  & Lisa Foord) Int
Centerfield (Karen Grave) Int
Cha Cha of Love (Bill Larson) Beg 
Champagne On Ice (David Cheshire) Easy Int
Chasin Rodeo (Alison Johnstone) Int
Chasin Rodeo First Steps (A Johnstone) Beg
Claudia’s Waltz (Wanda Heldt) Int Waltz
Cobar LineUp (Cath Reid/Goodison) Beg
Coming Home (Pat Berryman) Easy Int
Cowgirls Don't Cry (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Crazy (Bill Larson) Easy Int 
Crystal Chandeliers (Rita Chong) Beg/Easy-Int 
Dance With No Name (Bill Larson) Int
Darlin’ (Julie Molkner) Int
Darlin'  (Lee Wood) Beg/Int
Day By Day (Linda Webb) Int/Adv 
Delilah (Alison Johnstone) Beg/Impr
Dixi Flower  (Shane Alassi-Jones) Int
Drop On By (Wendy Hughes & Travis Taylor) Int (New)
Easy Rider (Trevor Smith & Shane Alassi-Jones) Int
Edelweiss (Alison Johnstone) Beg
Edge Of Glory (A Johnston / T Taylor) high Int
Eight Days (Enola Lewis) Beg
Elvis Double Play (David Cheshire) Easy Int
Embers (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Escape (Bill Larson) Improver
Everyday (Julie Molkner) Beg
Face Of An Angel (Wanda Heldt) Beg
Fall to Pieces (Julie Molkner) Int
Falling (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Feel It 2 (Ben Smart & John Robinson(USA) Int
Footloose (Redback Bootscooters) Int
Footsteps (Brian Allanson) Int 
For Corryn (Linda Webb) Int 
Freeze & Shake (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int  
Giddy Up (Bill Larson) Int
Gotta B The Bop (Wanda Heldt) Int
Great Balls Of Fire (David Cheshire) Int
Hallelujah (Alison Johnstone) Improver 
Have We Met (Bill Larson) Int
He Is My Lover! (Wanda Heldt) Int
Holy Smoke (Tina Scammell) Int
Honeycomb (Alison Johnstone) Beg 
Horsefly (Redback Bootscooters) Beg
Hush (Bill Larson) Easy Int
I Can't Wait To Fly (Wanda Heldt) Beg/Int
I Feel The Earth Move (Julie Molkner) Int
If U Want My Love (Wanda Heldt)  
I’m On My Way (Julie Molkner) Int
In Your Shadow (Wanda Heldt) Int 
Infatuation (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Island Of Dreams (Linda Webb) Easy Int 
Jacked Up (Ben Smart) Adv
Jagger (Donna Pearce) Int  (New)
Johnny B (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int
Johnny Cash Junkie (Mary Squillace) Int
Just Meant To Be (Bill Larson) Int
Just Playing  (Julie Molkner) Beg
Keeps Get'in Better (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int
Kiss The Teacher (Dave Harris) Beg/Int


Life's Story Book (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int Waltz
Little Chicken Walk (Wanda Heldt) Beg  (New)
Looking Through Your Eyes (Bill Larson) Int
Love Is In The Air (Mary Squillace)
Lucky Sometimes (Dave Harris) Int
Lying To My Heart (Bill Larson) Improver
Memphis Bell (Bill Larson) Imp/Beg
Mini Shadow (Wanda Heldt) Improver
Miz. Understood (Bill Larson) Int
Moonshine (Julie Molkner) Beg
Mustang Down (Wanda Heldt) Beg
My Doggy Likes to Tango (Wanda Heldt) Beg (New)
My Heart Is Lost to You (Bill Larson) Int
My Heart Skips A Beat (Mary Richards) Easy Int
My Heaven On Earth (Wanda Heldt) Beg/Easy_Int
No Mercy (Dave Harris) Int
Oh I Never (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Oh Suzannah (Bill Larson) Improver
One Horse Town (Alison Johnstone) beg/int 
Out Of Goodbyes (Bill Larson) Easy Int (New)
Over the Hill (T Molkner & S Uren) Easy Int - Contra
Peace Train (Julie Molkner) Int
Pistol Packin Mamma (Lee Wood) Easy Int
Pony (Mary & Danny Richards) Int
Poor Boy Blues (Shane Alassi-Jones) Adv
Rednex Boogie (Mary Richards) Easy Int
Roadhouse (Tamara Molkner) Easy Int
Romeo & Juliet (Bill Larson) Low Int
Saturday Night Stomp (David Cheshire) Easy Int
Saturday Night Stomp (Val Hodge) Easy Int
Seashores of old Mexico (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Second Chance (Dave Harris) Int
Second To None (A Johnstone & W Heldt) Int
Sex On The Radio (Bill Larson) Int
She's My Only One (Alison Johnstone) Int
Short Train (Wanda Heldt) Beg/Improver
Silverado (Julie Molkner) Int
Snowflake (Bill Larson) Easy Int
Somebody Needs You (David Cheshire) Easy Int
Somewhere for You (Linda Webb) Int/Adv
Spanish Eyes (Julie Molkner) Int
Spirit In The Sky (Mary Squillace) Int
Stand In Line (Wanda Heldt) Beg
Summer Beat (Wanda Heldt) Upper Beg
Summer Fever (David Cheshire) Beg
Sweet Sugar (Sindy Bishop) Low Int
Take Your Pick (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int
Tears On My Pillow (Wanda Heldt) Int 
That's Me (Bill Larson) Improver
The Beating Heart (Alan Eades) Beg
The Last Dance (Bill Larson) Int
The Naked Truth (Wanda Heldt) Beg
The Promise (Bill Larson) Easy Int Waltz
The Rose (Julie Molkner) Int
The Story Of Us (Mary Squillace) Int  (New)
Thinking Of U (Wanda Heldt) Int
This Is Not Goodbye (Jillian Grimbeek) Int 
This Town (Nita Kendel) Beg/Int
To Daddy (Alison Johnstone) Improver 
Today Is Your Day (Alison Johnstone) Int (New)
Told You So (Bill Lasron) Int/Adv
Turn to Your Dreams (Linda Webb) A-B Int 
Urban Country (Shane Alissi-Jones) Int
Wait For Me (Bill Larson) Int
Wait For Me (A Johnstone & G Timms) Int
Wandarin' Hands (Wanda Heldt) Beg/Imp
Wanna Go Home (Rita Chong) Beg 
What Do U Got (Wanda Heldt) Easy Int  
What If She's An Angel (Bill Larson) Intermediate
Wild Man Strut (Nita Kendel) Beg/Int
Wozani (Alison Johnstone) Improver 



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