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Alan's Talks Schedule 2004 - USA

Carver Alan Ames
is a visionary
of our Times
gifted with all
the gifts of
the Holy Spirit.

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Our Lady,
Queen of the Cross
Guides Alan's Ministry

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Email to Alan in Australia

Email to Alan in Australia

For the past seven years, Carver Alan Ames of Perth W.Australia,has been receiving heavenly messages and visions.
A spiritual director has been appointed by the Archbishop of Perth for Alan.
Alan is gifted with all the gifts of the Holy Spirit which are evident in the healing sessions following his talks
Alan has travelled extensively in Australia, England, Ireland, New Zealand, the United States of America and other countries giving witness to his conversion from a man of sin to one who is very close to God and the Roman Catholic Church.
His book "Through the Eyes of Jesus" Volume 1 has already been translated into German, Italian,Spanish and other languages.
Worldwide, his message of God's love and forgiveness is welcomed and he is receiving many invitations to speak.

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