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Note 44 - 1 December 2001
Alan is still in the USA/Canada but should be back home at the end of next week.

Our email list is growing and I expect that the first newsletter will be out mid next week, so do not hesitate to visit our main page and join our mail list. A new book,previously mentioned, currently only in EBook format, will be the main feature of the newsletter.

Links from the main page to the new facility are now in place and you may now Go to our New EBooks Page

God Bless
George M.

Note 43 - 8 November 2001
An Email Newsletter system is currently being set up and you can register your address through the main page. I expect the first mailing to go out early December 2001.

Several Ebooks are currently in preparation, one a FREE and brief one about Alan and the other an exciting thriller called Salan-Shalom---wait for it!!!!!

Alan left Perth yesterday for Sydney, on the other side of our island continent of Australia. His talks in Sydney are as follows:

Sunday,11 November,Our Lady of the Assumption Church, HOMEBUSH
Monday, 12 November, Our Lady of the Way Church, SYLVANIA
Tuesday, 13 November, Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Church, RANDWICK
Wednesday 14 November, St.Joan of Arc Church, HABERFIELD
Thursday, 15 November, St.Agatha's Church,
Friday 16 November, All Saints Church, LIVERPOOL
Saturday 17 November, Sacred Heart Church, PYMBLE
Monday 19 November, Our Lady of the Rosary Church, KELLYVILLE

After Sydney he is off to the USA again; for USA trip details go to:
USA Itinerary

God Bless
George M.

Note 42 - 21 October 2001
Our condolances go out to all the people affected by the tragedy of 11 September 2001. Our main page still contains the special message from the Father and Alan's Interview relating to the Tragedy.
I have not been able to put much on the Net as Alan was in the USA on 11 September. He actually landed in Philadelphia at 10:00 am on that date, before all air travel was cancelled. He had to travel to all his talks by road.
Alan is currently in South Africa; on his return he has a local talk and then he will be on the road (air) again, to the Eastern States of Australia - Sydney - and a few talks in Georgia, USA in November (Access details for the USA from the main page). Information as at 21 October 2001.
The Press release of September is still available at the following URL:
(Direct links have been deleted)
Alan now has a new spiritual director as Fr. Dickinson passed away on 18 June of this year - may his soul rest in peace. More on this a little later.

God Bless
George M.

Note 41 - 1 August 2001
Details of talks in Johannasburg are as follows:
Friday 3 August 2001, 5pm, St Hubert, Alexandra.
Saturday 4 August 2001, 6:30pm, St Jerome, Houghton.
Sunday 5 August 2001, 6pm, Our Lady of the Cedars, Woodmead.
Monday 6 August 2001, 6:30pm, Church of the Good Shepherd, Protea North.
Tuesday 7 August 2001, 6:30pm, Our Lady of the Cedars, Woodmead.


There is a new page linked to two pictures of three doves which appeared during Alan's talk on Trinity Sunday in San Antonio - this is accessible through the Main page or from the Menu's first list.

A new company has recently been formed to promote Alan's Ministry in the USA , The Alan Ames Ministry, USA, Inc., a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C.
Details are on the Addresses page, accessible through the Menu. There is also an email link on the Main page. Any information requests about Alan and his visits/talks in the USA can be emailed direct to this new organization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A new Domain Name is now in use for Alan :
this links directly to the main web page at
The Domain Name alanames.ws cannot be used as a reference for any changes to the "toheaven" web site, you must use the full address as underlined above ( the Domain Name will NOT change, only the site pages ).

To go to the Touch of Heaven Main Page all you generally have to do now is enter in alanames.ws and you will go directly to Alan's site.

Other minor amendments have also been made to some of the other pages.

God Bless
George M.

Note 40 - 20 July 2001
Alan's USA trip was very successful and after a short break he will be travelling to South Africa. He will be giving talks in Johannasburg from 3 to 7 August 2001; please contact the Catholic Church on Tel. 27 11 804 1305 for details.
On Friday 10 August a local Perth talk will be in St. Kieran's Catholic Church, commencing with Mass at 7 pm.

God Bless
George M.

Note 39 - 7 June 2001
Alan returned two weeks ago from a successful mainly German trip and has already left for 4 weeks in the USA.
For Alan's June 2001 USA itinerary please refer to the top of the Main page.
Newsletter No 5 is now complete and available through the Navigation Menu or from the Main page.

God Bless
George M.

Note 38 - 25 April 2001
Alan leaves Perth for overseas today for Germany, France, and England.
For talk details in Germany (27 April to 7 May) please contact the Co-Ordinators Miriam-Verlag
Email to - info@miriam-verlag.de
In France (8 May to 11 May) he has 4 talks; Lyon, Strasburg & 2 other places. No contact or further details available.
In England he has 2 talks one being at St Helens, The Harebreaks, North Watford, HERTS,on 14 May commencing with 7:30 Mass.

For Alan's USA itinerary details please keep in touch with the 101 Foundation

I still have not completed Newsletter No 5; please be patient.

God Bless
George M.

Note 37 - 29 March 2001
Newsletter Number 5 is now out and the net version is nearly complete -- WATCH for it soon.

For Alan's USA itinerary details keep checking the 101 Foundation site.

God Bless
George M.

Note 36 - 15 March 2001
Alan's tentative itinerary for 2001 is as follows:

Germany 27 April to 8 May
France 8 to 12 May
England 12 to 17 May

San Antonio, Texas 5 to 10 June
San Antonio, Texas 19 to 22 June
Austin, Texas 23 to 26 June
New Orleans 27 to 30 June

NSW, Australia 29 July to 4 August

USA 4 to 14 September

Nothing more currently available regarding Alan's 2001 schedule.
For Alan's USA itinerary details contact the 101 Foundation (a little later).

God Bless
George M.

Note 35 - 5 March 2001
There has been a small problem with links through the Guestpage server in that a visitor clicking on a link there was directed to a very unsavoury site. To avoid any further instances of this nature I have deleted the Guestpage facility link; any comments will need to be sent via email in future until I establish/create my own visitors message facility. This means that any messages left via email will not be accessible by all visitors.
There is another local talk scheduled for Perth on 22 March before Alan heads off for more overseas engagements.
For Alan's USA itinerary details contact the101 Foundation.

God Bless
George M.

Note 34 - 20 February 2001
Time seems to have really flown - the New Millenium ALREADY !!!!
We had an exciting 101 Foundation Pilgrimage in October last century and Christmas has passed by rapidly and the New century is already upon us.
After discussions with Alan , we have decided to dispense with the seperate "Monthly Messages" and include in the Main page a regular WEEKLY Message, which I have already commenced; please check this out.
A new book "Stories of Love" has been released and I am in the process of creating a new page for it - watch for it shortly.
Alan returned to the USA after the 101 Pilgrimage for a few more talks before having a well earned rest over the Christmas/New Year period
There is a local talk in Perth this week before Alan heads off for more overseas engagements.
For Alan's USA itinerary details contact the101 Foundation.

God Bless
George M.

Note 33 - 27 September 2000
Sorry for the delay in advising of happenings re Alan's ministry. Since July he has been to several countries including Africa, even given a talk here in Perth, W.Australia, and is currently in the USA prior to going on the 101Foundation Jubilee Year Peace Flight ( I will be meeting him in New Jersey to join the second charter).
For Alan's USA itinerary details contact the101 Foundation.
The "monthly message" page mentioned in my July note unfortunately has not eventuated. I do apologise for this - I will only be able to re-commence "monthly" pages after the end of October when I return from my overseas trip .

God Bless
George M.

Note 32 - 18 July 2000
Alan's USA trip to Texas and California, with a short sojourn in Rome and London was very successful and he is now having a well earned, if short, rest from his travels. There are some talks planned for the Eastern States of Australia in August, details not yet available. His USA and other itinerary details for the rest of this year are available from the101 Foundation.

I am currently preparing a "monthly message" page (a little late) covering the major Feast days immediately after Pentecost -- Trinity Sunday, Corpus Christi and the Sacred Heart of Jesusd.

God Bless
George M.

Note 31 - 12 June 2000
Alan returned from a very successful talking trip in England, Ireland and Germany and has already left for more in the USA, Texas and California, with a short sojourn in Rome and London. His USA itinerary for June is available from the101 Foundation.
I plan to change the "monthly messages" to a more seasonal approach, that is, based on the seasons of the Church - a Pentecost page is being prepared.
May the Holy Spirit be with you during this season of Pentecost.
God Bless
George M.

Note 31 - 3 May 2000
For the Month of Mary ( and hopefully for future months) I shall endeavor to be more attentive to this web site.
I have been advised that the following books are now available (or will be available ) for German readers:
Through the Eyes of Jesus Volumes 1, 2 and 3
Messages to Carver Alan Ames
The Way of Hope(to be published 2000)
See the Addresses page for the current German contact address.
Their Web Page Address is : http://www.miriam-verlag.de (in German only)
Alan left on Saturday for England, Ireland and Germany and will be back in about 3 weeks. His proposed Itinerary for the balance of 2000 should be available on the http://www.101foundation.com site.
God Bless you all
and I hope to post something more when Alan returns.
George M.

Note 30 - 25 January 2000
Well, it appears that the Millenium "BUG" was somewhat of a non-event, for everything appears to be continuing as before: I think it was a big CON !!!!!
Alan has now jetted off to the Eastern States of Western Australia and his itinerary is as follows :--
New South Wales
Sat Jan 196 pm Mass St. John Vianney Church 1 Cabbage Tree Lane, Fairy Meadow (Wollongong)
Sun Jan 306 pm Mass St. Margaret Mary Church336 Merrylands Road, Merrylands
Wed Feb 3 7:30 pm Mass St. Catherine Church 123 Gymea Bay Rd, Gymea
Thur Feb 3 7:30 pm Mass Mary Immaculate Church 45 Victoria St, Waverley
Fri Feb 4 7:30 pm MassOur Lady of the Rosary Church 241 The Entrance Road, The Entrance
Sat Feb 56 pm Mass St. Thomas Church182 High St, Willoughby
Mon Jan 31 St. Peter Channel Church 41 Chaprowe Rd,The Gap
Tue Feb 1 St. Bernard Church 4 Klumpp Rd,Upper Mt. Gravat
Outline of proposed visits to other countries:
Mar 3-6 USAGeorgia
Mar 7-9 USANew Orleans
Mar 10-12 USAMississippi
Mar 15 USAMichigan
Mar 16-20 USAMinnesota
Mar 21 25 USAWashington DC
Jun 12-18 USATexas
Jun 19-24 USAWest Coast
Jun 26 to Jul2 USACalifornia
Sep 22-24 USAWashington State
Sep 25-26 USAOregon
Sep 27-30USA Nebraska
May God Bless you all
in this year of the Jubilee
George M.

Note 30 - 19 December 1999
Time really has flown. What with my work contract completion and a trip with Alan to New York/New Jersey plus home commitments, I was very busy.
Alan's last trip to the USA etc was from October 20 to November 14. I attended only two of Alan's talks in New York whilst he went off to Kentucky/Indianna, Minnesota, Michigan and returned to Australia via the Phillipines where his last talk in Cebu saw some 20,000 people in a football stadium.All in all it was a most successful trip.
Alan's latest book "Our Father Speaks" was just released while I was in New Jersey and this was a special one for the Year of the Father. Check the Web page for this through the Menu for a brief outline of the book.

May God Bless you all this Christmas
in this new year of the Trinity
George M.

Note 29 - 24 September 1999
Alan returned from his two weeks in the East of Australia very heartened by the reception he received and an excellent TV interview on the Channel 7 Current Affairs program.
Bishop Brennan has asked Alan back for a 3rd visit which could include speaking in schools.
He has recently returned from the Dark Continent having jetted there on 6 September with a return to Perth on 19 September. His visits to S.Africa/Kenya included the cities of Johannesburg, Pretoria and Capetown.
A further book is already with the printers; a very special one for this very special year. Further info later.

May God Bless you all
in this year of the Father
George M.

Note 28 - 7 August 1999
Time sure seems to fly when you're having fun, so the saying goes, however in my case there was a quite sudden job change and settling into a very temporary 10 week one; after which we'll see what the Lord has in store for me.
Alan had one talk locally in Perth and has gone to Sydney and Brisbane, on the eastern seaboard of Australia, for a series of talks over the next 8-9 days. Unfortunately the scheduled Melbourne talks had to be cancelled because of some misinformation.
The 'Monthly' message for May/June 1999 is now available, a litle late but I WILL try to get into a real monthly mode soon.
Feedback from a meeting Alan had with his Archbishop, the Most Rev B.J Hickey, was very positive and the Archbishop has reaffirmed his permission for Alan to speak freely in the Archdiocese.
I will provide further info re Alan's proposed travels as soon as I am able.

May God Bless you all
in this year of the Father
George M.

Note 27 - 7 June 1999
Just a short note to advise that the March/April Message (extracted from the book HEAVEN SPEAKS) is now available as is Newsletter No 3. You can access both through the main menu.

Alan left for the USA again on Sunday for approximately 4 weeks and will be back in Australia on 5 July - contact 101 Foundation for Alan's itinerary.

May God Bless you all
in this year of the Father
George M.

Note 26 - 9 May 1999
Alan's new book HEAVEN SPEAKS has now been published in the USA and available from the 101 Foundation. To see a brief glimpse of its contents click HERE
Newsletter Number 3 will shortly be available
Still a little behind in the Monthly messages but I am also working on them. there will be a combined Mar/April message, to be followed by the May message
A talk has been arranged locally in Perth for 26 May 1999 after which Alan will again be going overseas.

Bye for now.
May God Bless you all
in this year of the Father
George M.

Note 25- 29 April 1999
It certainly is a long time since my last notice; much of the year seems to have slipped by and I really have no excuse.
Alan has already been to the USA twice this year, details of his itinerary would have been available on the 101 Foundation website; two talks have also been held locally in Perth and the power of the Holy Spirit was very evident in Alan's delivery.
Alan's itinerary for the rest of 1999 will include UK, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, the Phillipines, Kenya and Australia.
A new book - HEAVEN SPEAKS, Messages from the Angel and Saints - Volume 1, is now being printed and will soon be available.
Newsletter No 3 (paper Version for Australia) has now been produced and I am now working on the Web version. I will let you know as soon as it is completed.

Bye for now.
May God Bless you all
in this year of the Father
George M.

Note 24- 12 January 1999
to all our visitors

May GOD the Father smile upon you all and bring you closer
to Him in all that you do during this Year of the Father.

Alan is still having his well earned rest but plans are already well advanced for his 1999 overseas ministry. His itinerary will include England, Ireland, Germany and the USA.
For details of individual country itineraries pleas contact the country representatives on the Addresses, Registration page.
A local talk in Perth, W. Australia has been arranged for 19 January 1999 - details were published in our local Catholic weekly newspaper, The Record, on 7 January 1999.
Alan's USA sponsor, the 101 Foundation now has a Website of its own and an Email address for direct correspondence. To visit their site click HERE.
A link has been placed on our main page with a reciprocal link on the 101 site.
Another Newsletter (No 3) is also in the planning stages and a new book, "Heaven Speaks" is with Alan's Spiritual Director. More later.
Bye for now.
God Bless
George M.

Note 23- 19 December 1998
Time has really flown and another month has passed. Alan, after his busy years itinerary is now taking a well earned rest and will once again take to the road, or more correctly air, in February 1999.
A short reminder re the NEW Through the Eyes of Jesus TRILOGY now out; $US26 and $A34 plus postage.
We would like all our visitors to wish Jesus a Happy Birthday as it IS His birthday not anyone else's

for then there will be Peace on Earth for all

God Bless
George M.

Note 22- 31 October 1998
Once again I have been lax in providing updates on Alan's Ministry movements.
I have had recent personal problems, hence delays.

During Alan's Chicago visit 1-2 October 1998, "Witness" reported on a Healing which occurred at the headquarters of the Divine Word missionaries at Techny, IL.

The Testimony is as follows :


Through the intercessary prayers of Alan Ames I was "completely" cured of a spinal condition that was becoming progressively worse and by medical diagnosis would eventually require surgery.
This was not a subtle illness but one with multiple manifestations of severe pain, numbness with spasm in my arms, neck and shoulders resulting from compressed discs.
Within two weeks of attending a Mass and healing service at Techny conducted by Alan, no trace of this degenerative illness existed.
Praise God!

Richard San Roman
Lake Forest, IL

Just last weekend, 24-25 October, Alan attended a Conference in Philadelphia and left for England and Ireland on 26 October. He will be giving talks in Ireland 28 October to 5 November, then in England 6 to 15 November 1998.

Volumes 1 to 3 of Through the Eyes of Jesus have now been published in one (1) hard cover volume. This would make an ideal present and is very well priced at US$26 plus postage, and in Australia $34 Aust plus $6.50 postage. Get your orders in as Christmas is just around the corner.

God Bless
George M.

Note 21 - 14 September 1998
Alan left today for another visit to the USA - it certainly seems that his presence is needed there. Over a period of 4 weeks states/places he will visit include Clevelend, Washington DC, Arkansas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Minnesota. Attendance at two conferences is included. for details please contact the 101 Foundation at the address on the Addresses, Registration page.

During Alan's last trip to the American continent in July an interview - 2 hours on the Sacraments - on Mexican TV was broadcast to a minimum audience of some 150 million people around the world. This has been re-broadcast several times.

Further on the Kenya trip : Alan reports that a young boy about 12 years old, who was deaf and whose father had just died, had an immediate healing with his hearing returning. There were also many other healings. also in New Zealand he had two national radio interviews.

God Bless
George M.

Note 20 - 5 September 1998
I do apologize for the lack of information regarding Alan over the past month or so. What with my wife away for a month plus work commitments I never seemed to get here to update things.

Anyway, the two most important events in the last month were Alan's visit across the Indian Ocean to Kenya and another journey across the Tasman Sea to New Zealand.

One week in Kenya about three weeks ago saw large crowds attend Alan's talks, with numbers ranging from 1000 to 6000. Reports are that the Holy Spirit worked very powerfully during Alan's visit to the Dark Continent.

New Zealand was more subdued; however, Alan's talks were still well attended with the Holy Spirit ever at work during the healing sessions following the talks.

I am still working on the monthly messages page, patience is needed here.

SPECIAL NOTE for AOL Browser Users ( who apparently cannot get to any pages from the Menu page) here is a listing of all our page addresses so that you can go directly to them :

The main page is at:


All other pages follow the "/~toheaven/" component of the address and a listing of these follows.

menu.html ( this is the main menu linking to all other pages including selected external links)


God Bless
George M.

Note 19 - 13 July 1998
Alan is now back from his latest USA trip. Again his talks were well attended and very well recived with healings (medically substantiated) being reported.

Two talks have been arranged in Perth, one in July and one early August.

A topical message from Jesus has been just released :

A Message from Jesus
Make allowances for humanity but never accept sin.
The acceptance of sin is never allowed no matter
what the reason, no matter what the excuse.

Keep tuned for further messages to come.

God Bless
George M.

Note 18 - 24 June 1998
A report on Alan's trip to the Uk and Russia, written by his wife Kathy, is now available
the UKRussia Report.
Newsletter 2 has also been completed.
A new External link to a Rosary page (Under Construction) has been made - still being worked on.

Alan is now accepting invitations to speak
at Conferences and Churches during 1999.
Please register any proposals as soon as possible
so that planning can commence.

Proposals can be sent via email to:

George at toheaven@iinet.net.au

or to the respective country contacts in the

Addresses, Registration page.

God Bless
George M.

Note 17 - 20 June 1998
Changes are still happening to some site pages. The main page has some advanced features, check them out. The Navigation Menu has had a major facelift which I hope everyone will like.
A report on Alan's trip to the Uk and Russia, written by his wife Kathy, will shortly be available through the Site Menu, Newsletter 2 is progressing nicely and a new External link to a Rosary page (Under Construction) has been made.
The May the Blessings of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary be upon you all after their feast days just celebrated.

God Bless
George M.

Note 16 - 13 June 1998
Alan has just left for the USA once again for approximately a 3 week stint - for itinerary details please contact the 101 Foundation, address details on theAddresses, Registration page.
Our second Newsletter has now been finalised and should be out in a few weeks. The Internet version is under construction (see Menu).
Some feedback from Alan relating to the last European trip is still to comes.

God Bless
George M.

Note 15 - 1 June 1998
After an intensive trip to Europe and many successful talks in England, Ireland and Russia, Alan is recovering prior to another visit to the USA. For any itinerary details please contact the 101 Foundation, details on theAddresses, Registration page.
Another Newsletter is in the pipeline and should be out in a few weeks.
I will post another notice before Alan leaves for the USA yet again.
Volume 3, the last, of Through the Eyes of Jesus, is now in print in the USA and will shortly be available in Australia.

God Bless
George M.

Note 14 - 18 April 1998
A short update: Through the Eyes of Jesus Volume 1 has now been translated into Russian as well as German (as previously advised) and soon this same tremendous book will be available in the French, Korean, Portugese and Spanish languages.
Also, I have a very important and URGENT request: If anyone knows of any publisher in another country who could be interested in publishing Through the Eyes of Jesus, please Email me or contact Alan directly on Fax 61 8 9380 4768

God Bless
George M.
Note 13 - 9 April 1998
Alan returned from the USA on Friday after an exhausting but also exhiliarating trip. With 5 talks in Los Angeles, 4 in Washington DC, one in Chicago and 2 in Little Rock, Arkansas with attendance at a Marian Conference in Indiana, Alan was kept on the move, busy with the Lord's work.
All meetings were very well attended with the power of the Holy Spirit really working over-time with many healings, both physical and spiritual, evident.
After a short rest Alan will be off again on 26 April 1998 for England, Ireland and Russia.
Alan's new book "The Way of Hope" is now available in Australia as well as the USA and a Russian translation of "Through the Eyes of Jesus" Volume 1 is on the way.
May you all have a Joyous and Blessed Easter.

God Bless you all,
George M.

Note 12 - 21 March 1998
Just a short little note about changes to pages on the web site.
This Notices page now has a sytem for automatically reminding visitors about changes - please make use of it.
The Index (Main) page now has links to a Guest Book where you can record your visit and make any comments you wish (constructive, please).
A visitor counter, with numbers, and a link to an alternate, versatile and excellent web browser, taking up MUCH less disk space, completes the current changes. Any suggestions for improvements will be most welcome.
On the top on the Main page is a link to a system of recording hits (visits) to our site and ranking the site in a "Top 1000" list, in our case the Religion category - we are currently 536 in the rankings and need to climb quickly so we can depose the current top ones - HAVE A LOOK AT THOSE TITLES. Please tell your friends.
Alan is still in the USA. Another Newsletter is just being thought about; more on this later as our brains get into gear. Any suggestions? Bye for now.

God Bless you all
George M.
Note 11 - 12 March 1998
Back from his trip to Sabah in Malaysia, Alan reports that the talks went extremely well, although the weather was very hot and humid, not particularly to his liking. The Holy Spirit is certainly working overtime in this Year of the Holy Spirit.
Alan said that an offer had been made during his Malaysian visit, to publish Through The Eyes of Jesus in English as well as in a Malay translation. This is wonderful news indeed on top the recently printed Russian translation and of moves afoot to translate into Korean and Spanish.
The book, The Way of Hope, has now been released in the USA.
Alan is off to the USA again on Friday (see Note 10 below) and I will report further on his return.

God Bless
George M.
Note 10 - 8 March 1998
Alan returned two weeks ago from the USA and the Eastern States of Austrlalia. He reports that during all his talks the Holy Spirit was very evident especially in the healing sessions following the talks. Many conversions and healings were reported. The greater power of the Holy Spirit is only to be expected during this Year of the Holy Spirit.
Alan will be back on Tuesday from a short talk visit to Sabah (Malaysia).
He goes practically immediately, on Friday 13 March 1998, for another stint in the USA visiting (in 3 1/2 weeks) California, Washington DC, Chicago and Little Rock,Arkansas. For his full Itinerary please contact the 101 Foundation, details on theAddresses, Registration page.

God Bless you all,
George M.
Note 9 - 27 January 1998
Further to Note 8, I have now received permission to publish the description of the Two Hearts Peace Flight and this is now at the Two Hearts Special Report Link Page. This was penned by a lovely lady called Jackie Galley now living in Pittsburg ( sorry, any further info is classified severely) ; I forgot to ask Alan to write something.
Alan is still away and I will report further on his journeys when he returns.
I keep making changes to the web pages and experimenting with things, I hope for the better, and everyone will just have to put up with this!!!!!!

God Bless you for your patience
George M.

Note 8 - 11 January 1998
Good Morning (or Afternoon or whatever time of day it is) to you all,
Some further information on Alan's itinerary for the first few months of this year :
From 20 to 30 January he will be giving talks in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney and a few more rural locations
in the Eastern States of Australia. For further information telephone 02 4471 1579.
Straight after these commitments he will be off to the USA again, 1 to 21 February 1998, this time to Texas, New Mexico and Connecticut. Contact the 101 Foundation, details on theAddresses,Registration page.
On his return to Australia and Perth, there may be a local talk arranged, a short rest and then an equally short trip to Malaysia with return to Perth on 10 March 1998.
If permission is received , a detailed description of the 101 Foundations "Alliance of the Two Hearts" Peace flight in October 1997 will be available for you to read.
More news later as it becomes available.

God Bless
George M.

Note 7 - 25 December 1997
Merry Christmas and very Happy New Year to all our Visitors
May the Mother of the Infant Jesus bring you all closer to God throught the power of the Holy Spirit and may you all be blessed throughout the coming New Year.
At the meeting at my local parish on 5 December 1997, (details in 10 November 1997) a Newsletter was launched. This is now available locally in Perth, Western Australia, and soon is to be distributed through the 101 Foundation in the USA.
Click onNewsletter to go directly to the electronic version of the Newsletter. Some pictures/images are not yet available as we need to resolve the copyright question before we use them.
I will be a little freer during the first three monthe of 1998 and will be devoting more to updating and maybe enhancing aspects of this meagre web site. Keep checking for changes.

God Bless
George M.

Note 6 - 10 November 1997
Greetings to all (or the few) who have visited our meagre site over the past few months (6 already !!!). Some updates have been made recently; feel free to examine them.
Alan's next meeting will be a local one in my own parish - Our Lady's Assumption Catholic Church, 356 Grand Promenade, Dianella, Perth, W.Australia on Friday 5 December 1997, commencing with Healing Mass, followed by Alan's talk and concluding with prayers for healing with refreshments afterwards in the Parish Centre.
Alan's journey with the 101 Foundation's charter to various world apparition sites was enjoyed by him and has opened up doors and windows in countries he has visited. He has just had a hernia operation and does not recommend the same to anyone; when he has recovered somewhat I will try to have his own written view on his Apparitions Odyssey on this page.
Planning for 1998 is already underway and I will report more as soon as I can.
Do you read German ? Well, the German translation of Through the Eyes of Jesus Volume 1, or in German , "Durch Die Augen Jesu", has been published and is available directly from ths Publishers Miriam-Verlag,D-79798 Jestetten, Tel: 0 77 45/7267 Fax: 0 77 45/409 or, alternatively, contact your country's representative on the Addresses,Registration page.
Other language translations are in the pipeline and should be emerging soon.
Through the Eyes of Jesus Volume 2 is now available and Volume 3 is programmed for release early 1988 as is a 'sequel' to 'Messages' - The Way of Hope.
Also available is a video 'Why God ?' Volume 1 produced by the 101 Foundation with Volume 2 following practically immediately. There is also an audio tape of one of Alan' English talks. A new page describing these video and audio tapes is also part of the current updating.
Select Video & Audio Tapes to view the budding tape collection.
All prior notices have now been archived and I am starting anew.
I will endeavour to keep reports flowing more regularly.

God Bless
George M.

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