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Main Startup Screen

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Ongoing development of and enhancements to the RF Tools software means that all screen layouts and features are subject to change without notice.

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Cable Fault Location (TDR)

RG-213 cable/antenna measurement with the Top Six markers showing the antenna at 84m, bulkhead connectors at 3m and N-type joiners at 56m. LDF-450 cable/antenna measurement showing a live trace (yellow) and a previously stored trace of the same installation. Note the degrading match at the N-type connectors around 69m.  
Selecting a new cable type.


Saving the trace to the Cable Database.


Recalling a previously stored measurement from the Cable Database.


Printed report example.



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Antenna / Return Loss analyser

Return loss measurement of VHF antenna. Automatic bandwidth markers show the 15dB return loss bandwidth. Return loss measurement of VHF bandpass filter.  
Comparing a previously stored trace with a live trace, showing any changes and degradation to a VHF antenna installation.


Recalling a previously stored measurement trace.


Measurement normalisation, showing the guided, on-screen calibration process.


Connecting the device after normalisation.



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Filter / Insertion Loss analyser

Insertion Loss measurement of VHF filter. Automatic bandwidth markers show the 3dB bandwidth, centre frequency and minimum passband insertion loss. Comparing a live measurement with a previously stored measurement for the same device.  
Recalling a previously stored insertion loss measurement.


The guided, onscreen normalisation process.


Connecting the device under test.





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Interference Monitor

Live capture. Live capture with waterfall display turned off.  
Zone Alarms configuration.


File playback of a recording with Zone Alarms active.


"Listen to CF" audio monitoring setup.


Spectrum Monitoring with Listen to CF active.  

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8920 Screen Capture

Screen capture (Oscilloscope). Screen capture (Spectrum Analyser).  

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