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Sociologists studied the behaviours of crowds, and never saw my essence.
Psychologists analysed the behaviours of individuals, and never saw my form.
Others - also with their own personal problems and private lives - have categorized, labelled and pidgeon-holed me.
They call me "Culture".

But you don't know me.
Indeed, very few people can even guess how I might affect their lives.
Yet I am responsible for the way that you and all your brothers and sisters live and interact.
I am responsible for the successes and failures of each and every one of your kind.
I am more powerful than you could ever have imagined.
Yet whole lives can be lived without ever knowing - or caring - that I exist.

Everyone sees and responds to the consequences of my power.
Each and every thought, each and every action is a direct result of interactions with my power.

Even if one of your kind knew me - even if he could know my power and would choose to rebel against it, he would be powerless.
For he is but one against..... the world?
And I would cast him out. For I AM his world. And he knows no other.
For I have taught him how to interpret all he experiences.
And how to respond to all he experiences.
I have taught his parents and their parents before them.
For I am the source of his knowledge of being.
I am his reality.

I reside within him and he, within me.
My form - his reality - is duplicated in his mind.
In isolation, he is like a piece removed from a hologram - for he contains most of the information required to duplicate my form.
Should he turn against me, he would only be turning against himself.
For I am all he knows.
This would be his demise.
For me, his demise is without consequence.
For my form lives on, in the minds of each and every one of you.
And I will continue to be, long after you have been survived by your children.
And I would banish him to beyond the fringes of the all the world's mythos'.
I would leave him to wander in a penumbral limbo - left to stumble in the quagmire of his own insanity.

And for me, nothing changes.

I am history.
I am the present.
I am the words in your language.
I am the collective consciousness of all of you.
I change only when you all change, together.
I am you, the self is the other.
I am your reality.

You think you are superior to nature's beasts, yet you are governed by the same laws.
For all life, all logics of every organism that has ever been are governed by the laws of habit, association, choice and desire.
You think that you are so independent,
Yet everything you know, you've imitated from me.
Can you really believe yourself to be beyond beast?
You, the beast with human body,
You, the beast with toungue with which to speak and hands with which to work, I give of myself that you might be.
For without me you can only ever revert to the beast whence you came,
The beast you deny, the beast that lurks in the shadows of your subconscious mind.

You, the beast of human form.
You perceive the illusion of the power that you have over your own life.
With obligations to no-one but those you know.
Trapped by the illusion of your ego.

You perceive the illusion because you can choose that which you desire.
But it is I that shapes your desires.
It is I and I alone, that delivers the options from which you must choose.
For in reality, your own life - everything you have been and will become - is intertwined with the lives of others.
A complex web of action, interaction and reaction.

The person who understands me understands himself.
He who understands me knows heaven and hell and everything between.
He who truly understands me knows thought and the sculptor of life.

And he knows to be humble.

For each of you is but a neuron in the mind of One that is far greater. And me, I am but one of His thoughts in time.

Last updated January 2005
Stephen Springette