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The worst sexists in history have been those who invented sexism and its language, bringing its ugly face into high profile - the modern feminists. Even the original sincere feminists who began with legitimate concerns were sexists the moment that they overlooked the other equal half of the equation - women's complicity. In this, they have sown the seeds of feminism's own destruction.

What is complicity? The gender that is provided for says to the gender that provides, "I like what you do, do it some more". Irrespective of whether that more is war or commerce or invasion or ethnic cleansing or battery farming of animals.

Complicity is nurturing your little boys to be providers and your little girls to be provided for. Sexism is despising your provider while you cash the cheque that draws on their account.

The worst sexists in history are the ones who accuse their opposite sex of being sexist, all the while denying the sexism that oozes from their very pores. The worst sexists in history are those who invented the word. They are our feminists.



Liberalism (US terminology) and feminism go hand-in-hand. But what is liberalism anyway? Do we need a new word to disginguish ourselves from liberal fascism and conservatism? After all, if political correctness is a slavishly conservative idealogy, do liberals even know what they are talking about?



Some truths are so basic that they require no explanation. A quarter of a brain is all you'll need. But once the truth becomes clear, you'll need a bit more to cope with the depression that might set in. Grab another quarter, to keep in reserve.

On second thoughts, maybe an eighth of a brain will be just fine. You'll be a lot happier that way. But for your own peace of mind, go grab yourself half a brain anyway.


The proof of any good theory lies in its predictive power. Learn to apply semiotics in order to understand women better than they understand themselves.

Women are timid creatures that need a little prompting in order to discover their inner whore. And who knows? With a little submission, they might discover that they actually enjoy the experience - though they'll know better than to admit it to anyone.

Woman's secret is her power. Man's knowledge of Woman's secret is his power.

So cross the line, if you dare. Enter the labyrinth. Descend into the forbidden to explore the uncharted territory of Woman's secret



On the 30th of November 2001, a post appeared on the Evolutionary Psychology list, under the heading "'See the Patriarchy Tumblin' Down!: Using Sociobiology to Bolster Feminist Claims". It pointed to the website put up by Lydia Parnell, to which I was compelled to respond.

I apply a new kind of science, with principles from philosophy, in order to take on the flawed kind of thinking inherent in reductionist biology based in genetic determinism.


Feminists, post-modernists and deconstructionists have been waiting for a paradigm shift to debunk patriarchal science. But the only paradigm shift worthy of the name is the one that debunks feminism.

Might Paradigm Shift be a step in the right direction?

Last updated January 2005
Stephen Springette
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