Zelongs Alien Abductions


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    Alien Abductions

    America1975: November 5

    Abduction of Travis Walton

    "I looked at the vague but reassuring forms of the doctors around me. Abruptly my vision cleared.
    The sudden horror of what I saw rocked me as I realized I was definitely not in a hospital.
    I was looking square into the face of a horrible creature . . . . .
    with huge, luminous brown eyes the size of quarters!
    I looked frantically around me. There were three of them! Hysteria overcame me instantly."
    - Travis Walton

    From An Ordinary Day By Travis Walton: Mike shut off the engine. We watched, spellbound. The men on the left side of the truck leaned over so that they could see. There, a mere twenty feet above the ground,Home a strange, golden disc hovered silently.Our attention was riveted on that object poised in the air.

    Travis Walton Wood cutter

    Impaled by the sight, we were held transfixed for one long, silent moment that felt like an eternity.The cold, jarring reality of what we were witnessing struck fear and awe to the core of every one of us. Suddenly beholding its vivid, magnificent structure summoned all emotions at once. You could almost hear our hearts pounding above that suspended instant of silence. Less than thirty yards away, the metallic craft hung motionless, fifteen feet above a tangled pile of logging slash.The craft was stationary, hovering well below the treetops near the crest of the ridge. The hard, mechanical precision of the luminous vehicle was in sharp contrast to the primitive ruggedness of the dark surroundings. Its edges were clearly defined. The golden machine was starkly outlined against the deepening blue of the clear evening sky.


    From Human? By Travis Walton: I walked back to the chair and stood beside it, looking at the buttons. I was thinking about pushing some of them, when I heard a faint sound. I whirled around and looked at the door. There, standing in the open doorway, was a human being!
    HomeThe Human enters through the doorway I stood frozen to the spot. He was a man about six feet two inches tall. His helmeted head barely cleared the doorway. He was extremely muscular and evenly proportioned. He appeared to weigh about two hundred pounds. He wore a tight-fitting bright blue suit of soft material like velour. His feet were covered with black boots, a black band or belt wrapped around his middle. He carried no tools or weapons on his belt or in his hands; no insignia marked his clothing.
    I ran up to him, exclaiming, babbling all sorts of questions. The man remained silent throughout my verbal barrage. I was worried by his silence. He took me firmly but gently by the arm and gestured for me to go with him. He led me out of that room and hurried me down the narrow hallway, pulling me along behind him due to its narrowness

    The soft yellow haze from the craft dimly illuminated the immediate area with an eerie glow. Under the weird light, the encircling forest took on bizarre hues that were very different from its natural colors. The trees, the brush, and the grass all reflected subtle, peculiar new shades.Travis Walton I estimated the object to have an overall diameter of fifteen or twenty feet; it was eight or ten feet thick. The flattened disc had a shape like that of two gigantic pie-pans placed lip to lip, with a small round bowl turned upside down on the top. Barely visible at our angle of sight, the white dome peaked over the upper outline of the ship. We could see darker stripes of a dull silver sheen that divided the glowing areas into panel-like sections. The dim yellowish light given off by the surface had the luster of hot metal, fresh from a blast furnace.

    Interview: Travis Walton and Mike Rogers talk of the 1975 ET Encounter.

    Part 1

    "The thing that bothered
    me most about the whole
    experience was those Eyes,
    When they looked at me
    they just seemed like they
    were looking right through
    - Travis Walton

    Part 2



    1957: November 3 | 1990:

    Is there a Colonization Program going on with Humans and Aliens

    Alien head Jesse Long 1957

    Jesse Long Jr. has been abducted his whole life starting from 1957 when he was five, he and his brother stumbled upon a UFO in the forest, Tennessee.
    “Above the hill behind our house we came upon what appeared to be a round house under construction and one Man a taller looking figure he had a rod, long rod in his hand a light was omitted from it and we were paralyzed”

    In 1990 Jesse Long Jr. and his car were Abducted and taken onboard a Craft.

    “I was taken onboard the craft, placed on a table I was presented with a Baby, I was told “this is your child”
    “There were Nine other Children standing along the wall. They all looked at me and I could see, Yes they were Mine. Each of the Children standing along the wall all walked up to me and each touched my hand as they walked byJesse Long 1957 and looked me straight in the eyes and they walked on out of the room and the message I was getting from them was we are ok, “Thank You””

    - Jesse Long Jr.

    Jesse Long Abductions
    Uploaded by Zelong.



    2009: November 2

    I saw UFO beam up a buffalo.

    Pensioner Derek filmed the eerie scene from his window after spotting pulsating glowing orbs hovering over a neighbouring farm late at night.The two bright lights hover high over fields, beamed up buffalowhile an animal appears to dangle below before vanishing into them. A high-pitched screeching noise can be heard before the UFOs finally disappear into the night.Grandfather Derek, 69, said:

    "I couldn't believe my eyes. I'm convinced it is the real thing."

    He told how he spotted the bizarre lights over a neighbouring farm as he looked out of his window while getting ready for bed at his house near Basingstoke, Hampshire. Quick-thinking Derek grabbed his camcorder and began filming the incident above 2,500-acre Laverstoke Park Farm in Overton village at about 10.30pm.It has one of the country's biggest herds of water buffalo and is close to a military base used by special forces.Derek said: "I just looked out of the window before going to bed. I wasn't sure what I was seeing at the time. "I have a keen eye and I could see something glowing which looked dark red about half a mile away. "I kept looking at it for about 20 minutes and thensuddenly a bright white light appeared which was very powerful. "At that point I picked up my video camera and filmed what I saw.(Video here) I saw two white lights lifting up and I just kept filming. The lights were high in the sky. They couldn't have been anything on the ground.

    "I did not realise at the time that something was dangling beneath but when I played it back the next day on a big screen I could see it there. "I believe it's a UFO and this animal, which could be a bison or a horse, seems to be being beamed up.

    "As far as I know, this is the first time anyone in the world has filmed animal abduction, so obviously I'm pretty chuffed."

    - by

    The Sun (UK)



    George Knapp on extraterrestrial abductions.

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:




    Charles Hickson interviewed about his 1973 Pascagoula Alien Abduction while fishing

    Charles Hickson interviewed 1
    < Charles Hickson interviewed 2


    Abductees :
    created from real interviews of
    people who claim alien abduction,
    some taken while under hypnosis.




    Bill Chalker

    Humans Mutilated

    Butch Witkowski(MUFON volunteer) Presentation on human bodies found mutilated like the cattle mutilations



    Reptilian Abductions


    Women says these are her reptilian children lol.
    Women says these are her reptilian children lol.


    Work in Progress
    alien computer