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El Destructo (V7) Gutter Halo (V8) High Society (V6) The Good Wife (V6)

Welcome to North Queensland Bouldering. This site is primarily a vehicle for the online Harvey's Marbles Guide, as well as eventually a few other little Townsville boulder fields.

*** NEW! The Magnetic Island Guide is up. ***

Click the above title to go to the Magnetic Island Guide.


Thanks go to Tristan Baskerville, my brother, for compiling the website itself. While I am happy to write guides, computers are beyond my ability to understand. Thanks also to Madoc Sheehan for helping compile the guide. Townsville has some of the best bouldering in Australia, and while summer can be an appalling time to visit, winter and it's surrounding months are a climbers dream with almost guaranteed good weather and mountains of undeveloped quality rock. So pay us a visit sometime, we will be only too happy to show you around. My suggestion for any potential visitors, or anyone with any questions about the area is to email us at, and we will get back to you. Whatever you do, enjoy the site and happy cranking.


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