Welcome to my home page

My name is Anthony

I am currently rebuilding a Holden WB 1 tonner, the tonner at the moment is a six pack manual.

It has hard life and there's not much life left in it, it needs four new wheels and a complete new body around them.

The only parts worth keeping is the chassis and the bare cab, all the rest is getting thrown out.

I will be fitting a 308 and a trimatic, 3.08 gears, disc brake rear end, caprice nose cone, monaro dash,

modified console with a b&m megashifter in it, my own made tray, 15" dragways

there will be other parts used, which will be listed in galleries


I will be updating the galleries on a regular basis

I will also have a gallery of Holden 1 tonners from Western Australia in here.

If you have a Holden one tonner and would like your pic listed, just send me your pics and details of your and your car to




Pictures of my rebuild project and other local tonners.


Links to other car and performance related sites.


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