The 84 Group  


The 84 Contemporary Machine Embroidery and Textile Group inc.

Was formed in 1984 after a weekend workshop was conducted by Joy Clucas from the UK
in March of that year. The idea of the group is to promote and encourage interest and
experimentation in Machine Embroidery and to incorporate hand and other types of
embroidery in a contemporary style. By the end of 1984 the group started having regular
meetings in each others houses. We still have three members from that very first
workshop. Jennie Abbott who is an active member in the group still, Nettie Clark and
Judith Pinnell who are life members. Judith has a passion for silk and has gone a long way
experimenting with silk tops and published a book in 2001 called Take Silk.

In 1989 the 84 Group was commissioned by the Western Australia House in London to
embroider a panel to decorate their office window overlooking the Strand. The 84 Group
do have Exhibitions from time to time and plan to have one in 2004 being the 20th
Anniversary of the group.

The 84 Group became an incorporated organization in 1998. We meet on the 1st Sunday
of each month at Alexander Park Craft House, Clyde St. Menora, and have a yearly
programme that serves all stages of the members ability, the newer ones and the long
serving ones. Sometimes a Tutor is drawn from the current membership of whom we have
much expertise or from outside Tutors either local, Eastern States or Overseas.

Membership to the Group is by recommendation only from a current member. As we have
to limit numbers to enable all members the opportunity to attend a monthly workshop there
are times when we have to create a waiting list.

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