Welcome to my web site.

My name is Elizabeth Morley and I’ve been a textile artist for nearly 20 years. What started as a hobby quickly became an all consuming way of life.
My greatest joy is working with fabrics, threads, paints, dyes, prints and everything and anything in between. The catch cry in our household is “don’t throw it out, Mum can stitch into it!” Experimenting and pushing boundaries is an endless delight and food for my soul. My studio is stacked with “things” yet to be explored. I work amongst organised chaos with my helpful cats and two large dogs and spend happy hours destroying perfectly good fabric to create something new.

Over the years I have drawn on nature for much of my inspiration, but recently I’ve found that I am increasingly amazed and touched by the courageous way people cope with adversity. The variance of human fragility and inner strength fascinates me and I find myself depicting this more and more in my work.

This website introduces the "Catalyst Textile Workshops" and
includes easy access to information relating to textiles and
leading textile artists from Western Australia. I hope you will
Visit my Gallery and enjoy the artwork.

Elizabeth's work can be seen at the following galleries

Lumina Gallery
89 Waverley Road
East Malvern
Vic 3145
Ph (03)9569 3860

Stonehouse Gallery
323 Warrandyte Ringwood Road
Vic 3113

Old Bakery Gallery
42 Eighth Ave
WA 6051





To get in contact with Unique Expressions please email uniqueexpressions@iinet.net.au

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