Welcome to the WORKSHOPS.I have taught the following textile art workshops to adults and high
school students and continue to add to my range as I develop new ideas. My aim is to inspire and
encourage a passion to experiment and create .
“Knubbles, Knobbles and Knarls”.

A one-day workshop exploring unusual and unexpected ways to give depth to your embroidery with “off the surface” approaches. Layers of beautiful texture are built up to produce wonderful results to inspire the enthusiast. Pieces can be art forms in their own right, or used in other embroideries.

“ Autumn Leaf Bowl”

This imaginative 2 day workshop uses the leaf as a source of inspiration. Learn how to blend color and distort shape to create a totally unique and exquisite vessel. Embroidered leaves are worked on water - soluble fabric, and wired to form the required shape. The techniques learnt can be applied to many other areas of machine embroidery. The student can expect to go home with a completed leaf bowl.

“ Sea Urchins”

This workshop uses machine embroidery techniques to create an exquisitely encrusted and decorated vessel
in the shape of a sea urchin for use as an ornament or precious
little bag.


A step- by-step introduction into the exciting world of machine embroidery. Discover the joy in finding and expressing your own special creativity. This one day workshop requires no previous knowledge. All work is done on the ordinary domestic sewing machine using both decorative and functional techniques.

“Something Special”

.Everyone treasures something different. Experience the pleasure of creating your own exquisite evening bag or book cover while exploring an exciting variety of machine embroidery techniques. This one day workshop needs no previous experience.

“Small Delights”

Magical things in little parcels. Enjoy the delight of working small. Every piece becomes a miniature treasure. Explore from simple to complex depending on your level of experience. Delightful embroideries can be framed, used for designer earrings, brooches and neck pieces, or turned into artistic cards for special people. This one-day workshop needs no previous experience.

“The Magic Webs We Weave”.

The marvelously innovative world of water-soluble fabric opens the door to endless discoveries. This exciting machine embroidery workshop explores ways to create richness & depth, with the sense of “looking in, looking through, looking out’’

“Simply dyeing”

Silk and cotton dyeing for the enthusiast who wants simple but effective techniques for easy use at home. This is for the embroiderer who feels limited by the commercial choices of fabric. Discover the pleasures of playing with colour and allow serendipity to be your companion. The course will cover the basics of making up dyes and mixing colours, plus easy ways to apply and set dyes

"Rags Of Light "

Softly draping, gossamer fine, uniquely individual wrap using water-soluble techniques.

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