In May 2001 a group of textile art loving women who had attended a number of textile workshops at Heathcote in Applecross, Western Australia, and whose expertise and confidence had expanded as a result, joined together to form Designing Women.

The group owes an enormous debt to their original tutors and particularly to Elizabeth Morley, Annie Rawle and Carol Redlich who gave freely of their skills and knowledge in helping to set up the group. These textile artists have remained mentors to the group as a whole.

Designing Women group was fortunate in being able to obtain grants and sponsorship from the City of Melville in its formative stages. This enabled the group to obtain the services of a number of outstanding textile tutors and has resulted in an impressive growth in skills amongst the members.

Five years later the group continues to expand and develop. It has been an incorporated body since 2004. Members practise a variety of fibre arts and offer artistic and technical support to each other. A valuable reference library has been established and outside tutors are employed from time to time.

An important aspect of Designing Women is the exhibitions which offer members the chance to show their textile and fibre creations. The group has had three exhibitions since 2002, all at the Heathcote Gallery and all very successful. Members are presently planning for their fourth which will be at the Old George Gallery in East Fremantle in November 2006.

The group meets once a month, currently at the Piney Lakes Environmental Education Centre in Murdoch. Membership of DW Group is capped at 25, but applications from prospective members, with sponsorship by a current member, are accepted for possible vacancies.

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