Location of the sinking of the Junyo Maru

* approximate location of the sinking of the Junyo Maru

  The Sinking of the Junyo Maru

One of the largest, yet most forgotten, maritime disaster of WWII

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In September 1944 5620 Dutch, English, Australian and American POWs and Javanese slave labourers died when the 5000 ton Japanese cargo boat Junyo Maru - under the command of Japanese Forces - was torpedoed off the western coast of Sumatra by a British submarine HMS Tradewind.


The prisoners were on their way to Padang to be put to work on the Pakanbaru - Muara Railway in Sumatra. Not as famous as the Burma Railway but just as deadly!


The exact position of the sinking was reported as  2 52' S, 101 12' E.


The Japanese freight ship

Junyo Maru


These web pages include translated extracts from the book: "Eresaluut boven massagraf - Junyo Maru, de vergeten scheepsramp" by Ed Melis with W.F. van Wamel and Th. Jansen. Special thanks to Ed Melis for his permission to reproduce portions of the book.

It is now out of print.

Have a look at the website of the 

"Stichting Vervolgingslachtoffer Jappenkamp"

This is a new organisation seeking compensation for Dutch victims, and next of kin, of Japanese internment camps in the former Dutch East Indies.

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