The Sinking of the Junyo Maru

About the Junyo Maru

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The Junyo Maru


MV Junyo Maru was built in 1913 in Glasgow, Scotland, by Robert Duncan Co. Its dimensions were 5065 tons, 405 ft long, 53 ft wide, 27.2 ft deep with 475 nominal horse power. It has had the following owners:

1913-1917 -- Owned by Lang & Fulton -- named "Ardgorm"
1917-1919 -- Owned by Norfold North American Steam Shipping, Greenock -- called "Hartland Point"
1919-1921 -- Owned by Anglo-Oriental Navigation Co. Ltd, Liverpool -- called "Hartmore"
1921-1927 -- Owned by Sanyo Sha Goshi, Kaisha, Japan -- called "Sureway"
1927-1938 -- Karafuto Kissen K.K., Tokyo, Japan -- called "Junyo Maru"
1938-1944 -- Baba Shoiji K.K., Tokyo, Japan -- called "Zyunyo Maru"

Note: The change from Junyo to Zyunjo was due to the adoption of the "Romaji" system of spelling by the Japanese Government in 1937. The word "Junyo' means 'hawk' and the word 'Maru' has been used in ship names in Japan since 1493.

(Above information extracted and translated from the book "Eresaluut boven massagraf - Junyo Maru de vergeten scheepsramp" by Ed Melis with W.F. van Wamel and Th. Jansen)

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