The Sinking of the Junyo Maru

One of the largest, yet most forgotten, maritime disaster of WWII!

Remembering the victims of the Junyo Maru 

The Japanese freight ship Junyo Maru  

MV Junyo Maru

On the 18th September 1944, 5620 Dutch, English, Australian and American POWs and Javanese slave labourers died when this Japanese cargo boat - under the command of Japanese Forces - was torpedoed off the western coast of Sumatra by a British submarine - HMS Tradewind.

Ereveld Loenen

At Groenendaalseweg, Loenen (Apeldoorn), Nederland


The Chapel, in the grounds of the Ereveld Loenen, houses a plaque honouring all Dutch casualties at sea during WWII. 

The text on the plaque reads:

"In memory of all those subjects of the Kingdom of the Netherlands who found a seaman's grave in the Far East. Dec '41 - Aug. '45. 

Memorial Foundation Junyo Maru - Sumatra. 18. 9 .1986 "


Leuwigajah War Cemetry

At Cimahi, Indonesia.


This war cemetry contains the graves of over 5000 victims of WWII.

There is also a monument commemorating all those that were killed by the sinking of transport ships at sea.

The text on the plaque reads:

"Remembering victims of sea transports
1942 - 1945
Foundation Junyo Maru"

(Images courtesy of Oorlogsgravenstichting, Netherlands)


Japanese Sea Transports Monument

At Landgoed, Bronbeek on the Velperweg, Arnhem, Nederland.

Monument on the grounds of Landgoed Bronbeek.

Dedication plaque reads:


In memory of more than 22,000 casualties - militairy, citizens and forced labourers of the more than 68,000 who, as forced labourers, were transported by the Japanese, on "Hellships", during World War II in South-East Asia . 1941-1945. 



Remembrance Ceremony

At the site of the sinking off the coast of Sumatra.

On the 4th June 2000 a moving ceremony took place to commemorate the sinking of the Junyo Maru. At the location where the incident took place nearly 56 years earlier, three Dutch frigates, a Belgian supply ship and an Indonesian warship, in formation, formally paid their respects to the victims of that tragedy through the laying of wreaths on the waves of the Indian Ocean.

The five ships and fully decked-out crew in formation during the ceremony De Ruijter The wreath, with ribbons containing the names of the casualties, being placed by Cmdr. Brandt and Mr. Ed Melis. Wreath laying

Since I set up this website in 1997 I have had contact with many people affected by this incident. A few have been relatives of survivors still living. 

Many others have found lost relatives listed on the "List of Casualties". The son of one of the victims has written a touching poem. 

A Personal Tribute..

Read the FULL STORY of the ship, the sinking, the submarine and stories from survivors.

Ed Melis is the author of the book: "Eresaluut boven massagraf - Junyo Maru de vergeten scheepsramp" with W. F. van Wamel and Th. Jansen, 

the source for much of the information contained within these pages.

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Created June 2000