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About this site

This site is about two of the most underrated and over-productive actors of our time; Lance Henriksen, often described as the king of b-grade horror movies, and Robert Patrick, the liquid metal man from Terminator 2 (now more well know for his role as Agent John Doggett on the X Files).

This site will give you a little info on each actor, but is by no means a definitive source. [ Check out some of the site on the links page ] It's mainly a place for me to voice my opinions about Lance and Robert. I put this site together for a bit of fun. Please do not take offense at any of the comments I make - it is all in jest I assure you. I hope you will get a laugh out of it.

So how did all this come about then?

As the "real" millennium drew closer I was eager to revisit the Millennium TV series. I found only a handful of episodes on video and enjoyed them thoroughly. Inspired, I searched the web for info on Millennium's lead, Lance Henriksen. I was surprised to find that he had starred in more than 70 films and had been acting for 3 decades. Armed with a print out from the IMDB I hit the video store on a mission. Luckily the local video store has a special deal - 5 weekly's for $5.50. I was surprised at how easy it was to find 5 Lance films!

I would like to point out that I was NOT a fan of action films, and was disappointed when I discovered a lot of Lance's back catalogue could be found in the "action" section. I had purposely stayed away from Action films, lest I have a tele-visual encounter with Jean Claude van Damme or Dolph Lundgren. ewwww.

Despite being anti-Action, I found myself enjoying these films, laughing at the dialogue, and the size of the weapons. I can now predict the plot of any low-budget Action film within the first five minutes and have become finely attuned to lapses in continuity. Such trivial pursuits take my mind off the lack of plot, and poor acting that inevitably goes hand in hand in with the low-budget-Action-film.

Over the course of a year or so I watched every Lance film I could find. I think I've seen just about all of them now, and am eagerly anticipating his new films.

I'd never been a Robert Patrick fan until he appeared as Agent John Doggett in the X Files. Now I know he's not replacing Mulder, but he might as well be, and anyone that can do that just has to be good. I was impressed with the character of Doggett, such a breath of fresh air. Sometimes I didn't even notice Mulder wasn't there. And when he was there, it only highlighted how good Doggett is. I think Robert Patrick's acting has a lot to do with that.

Now that the current X-Files season is over, I'm left with a hankering for more Doggett. I guess Robert Patrick will do in the interim. I have recently started watching his back-catalogue. The first one I watched was Zero Tolerance and I thought to myself - this is just like a Lance film, in fact that could be Lance, riding a Harley and shooting at bad guys....

And so it begins...

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