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About BlackDogg Trader

BlackDogg Trader is a trading board for actors Robert Patrick and Lance Henriksen. It is hosted at Yahoo! Groups.

Exchange movies, TV episodes, magazines, memorabilia, etc. on a private person-to-person basis. Individuals can enter and retrieve information from databases concerning items they either WANT or have to TRADE.

BDT provides the database. You provide item, description, details, contact info. If you find an item of interest it's your responsibility to contact the party via info in the database. The Trader is merely a helpful meeting ground.

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How to submit your WANT or TRADE

Follow easy step-by-step instructions on the BlackDogg Trader main page at :


How to contact a trader

If you see an item listed that you want, Copy/Paste the email address of the trader into a new message and send the email privately.

Be sure to reply to the author of the original message - NOT the whole group. How you go about the swap/ trade is between you and the trader.


BDT Contact Information

Access the BDTrader database (the actual listings) or post or view trader submissions at:
(**Note, you MUST subscribe to the BlackDogg Trader to view the database. Non-subscribers will not be able to view it.)

Read the BDTrader homepage and/or membership files at:

If all else fails you can Email List Owner at:

To unsubscribe email:

Post GENERAL message (NOT a Trade or Want Item!):

Modify your subscriptions at Yahoo! Groups web site:


Still Need More Info/Help?

If the links above still don't help then email Bambam (List Owner) at .


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