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About Lance Henriksen

awwww. lance + butterflyLance is referred to by those in the know as ' the man '. He is a strong, unique actor with the lowest gravelliest voice you will ever hear.

He is well known from his role as Bishop in Aliens, and as Frank Black in Millennium.

Lance is also a talented potter. He has just recently opened an online store. [ ]

Pottery by Lance Henriksen

Black Papillon Summer Bowl by Lance HenriksenFor Christmas I treated myself to my very first pieces of pottery by Lance. The Man is so talented it's scary.

Click here [] to see more photos of The Man's handiwork.


The Torkie Cake : The Pit and the Pendulum Halloween madness

Plug for Betty Crocker

Step 1 :
  • Gather ingredients.
  • I used 1 box of Devil's Food Cake and 1 tub of chocolate frosting.
  • The cake is sandwiched together with cream - I added some strong coffee and chocolate liquor to it.

icing sugar stencil

Step 2:
  • Enlarge a suitable photo, and draw over main lines.
  • Cut out lines to make a stencil which will be the guide for piping the icing.
  • Place stencil on cake, dust with icing sugar.
  • Remove stencil carefully, discover that icing has slid off stencil and is all over the cake, obscuring all guidelines.
  • Dust off excess icing sugar from cake and throw stencil in the bin, cursing the damn thing to hell.

It's a shocker I know...

Step 3:
  • Pipe icing onto cake freehand, cursing as you go.
  • Start getting carried away and add in the Hood and a few lines you had not originally planned on.
  • Curse again because it looks worse for it.

I am not normally this messy

Step 4:
  • Mix up some runny red icing and spoon over the cake edges to cover up the really shoddy icing on the side of the cake.
  • Make loads of mess in the kitchen.

I confess! It's a sin to eat this cake.

Step 5:
  • Add blue cachous for eyeballs.
  • Laugh at how stupid this looks.
  • Get carried away and stud Torkie's name into the cake as well, cursing as the little silver balls slide all over place and you have to carefully pick them up without disturbing the icing too much.
  • Viola! The perfect Halloween cake that even a Grand Inquisitor would be proud of. ;-)
Lance's Filmography

A comprehensive filmography is available at the IMDB. Click here for a direct link.
This is a list of the films I have seen so far.
The rating is for Lance's performance, which can often be distinct from the film's rating. I will not rate the films as it is highly subjective and most of them would be under 5 anyway. :P

If it's got a " - " it means I can't remember the details. They do tend to blur together after a while.

rating /10
good/bad guy
death y/n
2000 Scream 3 horror 7 good y
1998 The Day Lincoln Was Shot drama 7 good y
1997 No Contest II action 6 bad y
1997 Profile for Murder thriller 8 good n
1996 Dusting Cliff 7 action 7 bad y
1996 The Criminal Mind thriller/drama 6 - -
1996 Millennium thriller 10 good n
1995 Aurora: Operation Intercept thriller 6 - -
1995 Baja thriller 10 bad y
1995 Felony action 5 bad y
1995 Gunfighter's Moon western 8 good -
1995 Nature of the Beast thriller 6 bad -
1995 Wes Craven's 'The Mindripper' horror 6 good -
1995 Powder drama 9 good n
1995 Dead Man festival 8 bad y
1994 Boulevard action 6 good n
1994 Color of Night thriller 8 good n?
1994 Spitfire action 5 good n
1994 No Escape AKA Escape from Absolom action 5 good-bad y
1993 Knights sci-fi 10 bad y
1993 Man's Best Friend thriller 8 bad-good y
1993 Hard Target action 9 bad y
1993 Super Mario Bros kids 5 good n
1993 The Outfit action 2 bad y
1992 Delta Heat action 8 bad n
1992 Excessive Force action 7 good y
1992 Jennifer Eight thriller 8 good y
1992 Alien³ sci-fi 8 good-bad n
1991 Comrades in Arms action 6 good n
1991 Stone Cold action 7 bad y
1990 The Last Samurai action 8 good y
1990 The Pit and the Pendulum horror 10 bad y
1989 The Horror Show AKA House 3 horror 8 good n
1989 Johnny Handsome action 10 bad y
1989 Survival Quest drama 9 good n
1988 Deadly Intent action 7 bad -
1988 Hit List action 6 - -
1988 Pumpkinhead horror 8 good-bad y?
1987 Near Dark festival/horror 9 bad y
1986 Aliens sci-fi 10 good y+n
1986 Choke Canyon aka On Dangerous Ground action 5 - -
1985 Savage Dawn action 9 good n
1984 The Terminator action 9 good y
1983 The Right Stuff drama 8 good n
1983 Nightmares: The Benediction horror 9 good n
1981 Piranha II: The Spawning horror 8 good n
1979 The Visitor horror 8 bad y
1978 Damien: Omen II horror 8 bad y?
1977 Close Encounters of the Third Kind sci-fi 7 good n
1976 Network thriller 6 good -
1976 The Next Man ? 6 - -
1975 Dog Day Afternoon drama 8 good n

Thanks to The Stare and Angelfish070 for their help with some of the deaths.

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