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Links to Lance sites - Lance's own website. You can buy his pottery too!

The Lance Henriksen Pheromone Brigade

Jean's Lance Henriksen Site

Lance Henriksen Web Magic

The Millennial Abyss

The Lance Henriksen Mailing List (yahoo groups)

Vivian's Lance Site

Anki's Lance Site

The Voice of Lance Henriksen

Lance Henriksen Links

Millennium Lite

The BlackDogg Trader : A Trading list for Lance and Robert fans.


Links to Robert sites

Robert Patrick Online - official site.

The Patrick Philes

The Robert Patrick Experience

The Many Roles of Robert Patrick

ODD - Official Doggett Defenders

Cynophilia: dedicated to the appreciation and understanding of John Doggett.
[This site is the new incarnation of The Doggett House]

The Robert Patrick Shrine

The Medusa Lounge

The Doggett Dames

The Robert Patrick Perspective

RP Ambushed

Addicted to Doggett

The BlackDogg Trader : A Trading list for Lance and Robert fans.

PATS : Patrick Action Tactical Squad (yahoogroups)

Thank You Robert Patrick : Put your money where your mouth is and show the world how much you appreciate Robert Patrick!


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