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About Robert Patrick

Mr IntensityRobert Patrick is currently making a name for himself as Agent John Doggett on The X Files. Prior to this role Rob was really only known as the Liquid Metal guy from Terminator 2.

However, he's starred in many other films, and most of them are b-movies! Rob is a really fine actor, capable of displaying more than two emotions (although angryRob and pissed-offRob are two of my favourites) and is a pleasure to watch.


Robert Patrick News : Upcoming Films

No upcoming RP releases in Australia.

D-Tox was released on 31/01/02. For my review click here.




Robert's Filmography

A comprehensive filmography is available at the IMDB. Click here for a direct link.
This is a list of the films I have seen so far.
The rating is for Robert's performance, which can often be distinct from the film's rating. I will not rate the films as it is highly subjective and most of them would be under 5 anyway. :P

rating /10
good/bad guy
death y/n
2001 Spy Kids family 8 bad n
2000 The X Files (TV Series) sci-fi 10 good n+y
1999 The Sopranos (TV Series) drama 9 bad y
1999 From Dusk Till Dawn 2 horror/comedy 10 good-bad n
1998 The Faculty thriller/horror 9 bad n
1998 Tactical Assault action 6 good n
1998 The Vivero Letter AKA The Forgotten City action adventure 6 good n
1998 Renegade Force action 7 bad y
1998 A Breed Apart thriller/action 6 bad-good n
1998 Ambushed thriller/drama 6 bad y
1997 Cop Land drama 9 bad y
1997 The Only Thrill drama 6 good n
1996 Asylum thriller 10 good n
1996 Striptease comedy 9 bad n
1996 The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest (TV series) kids 7 good n
1995 Decoy action 10 good n
1995 Last Gasp thriller 8 bad-good y
1995 The Cool Surface thriller 5 bad n
1995 Body Language thriller 7 good-bad y
1995 The Outer Limits (TV Series) sci-fi 8 good n
1994 Hong Kong 97 action 5 good n
1994 Zero Tolerance action 9 good n
1993 Body Shot thriller 6 good n
1993 Fire In The Sky drama 8 good n
1993 Double Dragon kids 4 bad y
1993 Last Action Hero action 8 bad n
1991 Terminator 2: Judgment Day action 9 bad y
1990 Die Hard 2: Die Harder action 6 bad y
1987 Killer Instinct AKA Behind Enemy Lines action 6 good n
1986 Equalizer 2000 action 4 badish y
1986 Eye Of The Eagle action 3 good n

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