Command Line Parameters

To use these codes go to your Tyrian directory in a DOS prompt and type "file0001" followed by one of these parameters.

Parameter Effect
BORDER Network border mode (apparently useless).
CONSTANT Makes your ship fire continuously while sweeping from side to side. Press C to toggle invincibility. For testing purposes.
DEATH Constant death mode. Your ship explodes when you enter a level but it keeps scrolling until the end. For testing purposes.
FLICKER Forces Tyrian not to wait for a retrace (enabled by default if Windows is detected).
LOOT(SQUARE) Instead of typing (SQUARE) hold down alt and type 254 on the numeric keypad and a square will appear. This will start your games with 1 million credits.
MAXJOY Sets joystick sensitivity to maximum.
NOJOY Disables joystick detection.
NOKEY Forces Tyrian to send keys to the BIOS just in case some other device driver needs input. It still uses the keyboard input driver, though.
NOROBERT Alternate method of selecting items in the upgrade menu.
NOSOUND Disables sound effects, but not music.
MAXVOL Force Tyrian or SETUP to set the card's main volume to maximum if it is able to instead of reading the current value.
RECORD Records every level played and saves the last one to DEMOREC.? (? being a number in sequential order of the demo being recorded). To play them back rename them to demo.? where ? is a number from 1 to 5. Mouse and joystick are disabled while recording.
ULTRAMID Fixes problems with GUS MIDI.
VOLUME Supposedly works like MAXVOL.
WEAKJOY Supposedly forces Tyrian to average the signals coming from the joystick.
YESXMAS Enables christmas mode in 2.01 only. A lot of the ships and weapons have their graphics changed to a christmas theme.
JUKEBOX Type "setup.exe JUKEBOX" instead of "file0001.exe JUKEBOX" to use this one. Goes straight to setup.exe's jukebox, hitting escape exits to DOS.
NOSOUND Type "setup.exe NOSOUND" instead of "file0001.exe NOSOUND" to use this one. Disables sound/music usage even if FX or Music are in the config file. It tells the initialization routine to NEVER check for initialization and will not load the sound effects, saving memory in setup.exe. FM sound will still be automatically detected. You can, however, select sound and music selections that would otherwise not work and it won't return an error since it does not try to detect them. This might help if someone has a problem only in setup.exe and not in Tyrian.
SOUND? Type "setup.exe SOUND?" instead of "file0001.exe SOUND?" to use this one. Tyrian sound report. This will save a file called sound.rpt to your Tyrian directory detailing your sound selections and any initialization errors.