Engage Mode Super Weapon Twiddles

These work in the same way as normal twiddles but are for use in Engage mode.

Name Penalty Actions
Companion Ship Warfly Nothing Right, Down, Left, Hold up, Fire
Proton Canon Indigo Nothing Up, Right, Hold down, Fire
Proton Canon Tangerine Nothing Left, Up, Right, Left, Right, Hold left, Fire
Gerund Companion Ship Nothing Down, Right, Hold up, Fire
BattleShip-Class Firebomb Nothing Left, Right, Down, Hold right, Fire
MicroSol FrontBlaster II Nothing Left, Up, Down, Hold right, Fire
Forward Lightning Shot Nothing Hold up, Fire
Left Lightning Shot Nothing Hold left, Fire
Right Lightning Shot Nothing Hold right, Fire
Diagonal Left Lightning Shot Nothing Up, Hold left, Fire
Diagonal Right Lightning Shot Nothing Up, Hold right, Fire
HotDog Blast 1 point of armour Up, Hold down, Fire
Atomic Bombs 2 points of armour Right, Left, Down, Hold up, Fire
Guided Bomb Cluster 3 points of armour Left, Right, Hold down, Fire
Ice Blast 4 points of shield Down, Hold up, Fire
Mine Spray 4 points of armour Hold fire, Right, Down, Left, Release all, Up
Post-It Blast 5 points of armour Left, Hold fire, Down, Right, Up
Armour Repair All shields Hold down, Fire, Fire
Invunerability All shields Up, Left, Hold down, Fire
Proton Field Half your shields Up, Hold fire, Left, Down
Repulsor Half your shields Hold fire, Left, Right