In Game Codes

Use these codes during a level.

Code Effect
F2 + F3 + F6 Invincibility.
F2 + F6 + F7 Automatically completes level.
F2 + F3 + F4 Destruction mode. Drops your armour to zero but makes you invincible.
F11 Gamma Correction.
Backspace + Numlock After pressing this you will be able to pause the game by pressing "P" but without the word "PAUSE" appearing. Subsequent presses of the "P" key will cause the screen to advance one screen.
Backspace + 1 Increases game speed. Doing this twice will increase it further. A third time will return it to normal speed.
Backspace + F10 Enters debug mode. This will display the memory left, enemies on screen, X/Y level coordinates, frames per second, joystick position and your screen coordinates on the screen.
Tab + # Switches to custom ship number #.
Caps Lock + # Reloads both sidekicks and repairs your armour instantly.
Backspace + - Tints the screen different colours if detail level is Pentium or higher. Thanks to pmeyer55.
Backspace + Scroll Lock Changes to a random background song.