Tyrian, developed by Eclipse Productions, is probably the greatest vertical scrolling shoot'em up ever devised for IBM-compatible personal computers. It delivers intense arcade action, heart-pounding music, dynamite sound effects that will blow you away, unbelievable graphics and weapons that deliver the ultimate destruction. If Tyrian is more than your 10 trigger happy fingers can handle it's got TWO PLAYER MODE which allows you and a friend to gang up and blow away the enemies over a NETWORK or MODEM connection or compete head-to-head to see which one of you can destroy the most stuff and survive the longest. We told you this game is intense so be prepared for some serious fun!


  • A 486 or faster processor
  • VGA graphics and color monitor
  • 4MB of RAM
  • MS-DOS 5 or later (supports Win 95)
  • Supports most major sound cards, joysticks
    and PC gamepads


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