Tyrian's music is owned by Alexander Brandon. You can copy the songs or whatever just don't charge for them.


Remix of Gyges, Will You Please Help Me and Deli Shop Quartet in NES chiptune style by Kilu. Download.
Rock Garden Remix by SlightlyOddGuy. Get it here.
Rock Garden Remix by KnuxSpaz. Download.
Rock Garden Remix by unknown. Download.
Another version of the above remix. Download.
Composition In Q Remix by Mark Dillon (Disturbed). Get it here.
You can download all the Tyrian songs in MP3 format from X-treme Games Music.


Tyrian, The Level by Parn. Get it here.
Sarah's Song by Parn. Get it here.
MODPlug Player plays these songs well. Get it here.


These are Tyrian's songs in LDS format (Loudness Sound System by Andras Molnar (www.loudness.de) aka Andrew Miller. He lives in Fuerth, Germany.) It is the same format that's used in the game. First make sure you have Winamp installed. Then download the songs here. Then go to the homepage for AdPlug by Simon Peter and download the Winamp plugin binary. You can also download the latest AdPlug Database which fixes problems playing some files but you shouldn't need it to listen to Tyrian's music. Once you have downloaded the plugin open the included Readme file in notepad for instructions on how to use it. The only thing you are likely to have to do is move the in_adlib.dll file into Winamp's Plugins directory if you downloaded the zipped binary. AdPlug is also available for Linux (XMMS) and DOS.
You can also use the old RDosPlay program to listen to the LDS files. It was written by Roman Dolejsi who was located and contacted by Borg Number One. Roman had lost the sources to RDosPlay but he told Borg Number One that Andras Molnar (the original author of the Loudness Sound System) lived in Germany so Borg spent almost three years searching for him. Andras was able to supply his source code which Borg Number One passed on to Simon Peter who used them to add LDS support to AdPlug.
That effort is why we are now able to enjoy Tyrian's music in this format so thanks go to Borg Number One and Simon Peter for their hard work.


All the songs from the Jukebox recorded by Borg No. One. Download.
Sarah's Song by meezo. Download.
Tyrian, The Level by meezo. Download.
Asteroid Dance Part 1 my rip cleaned by MaliceX. Download.
Sarah's Song edit of meezo's version by MaliceX. Download.
Tyrian, The Song by MaliceX. Download.
Tyrian, The Level remix of meezo's version by Sz. Download.