Super Arcade Modes

To enter Super Arcade Mode type one of the codes in white below. During this mode weapon pods are changed to coloured pods. Each colour will give you a certain weapon, and the weapon level will depend on how many pods of any colour you've collected. There are no rear weapons available so hitting enter will switch between two special weapons instead. Holding down either of the sidekick keys will fire the special weapon as fast as possible. Each ship has a different set of front weapons. All cheat codes are disabled.

TECHNO (The Experimental PQZ)
Special Weapon 1: Minefield
Recharge: Medium.
Description: Light beam with random placement of MicroBombs.
Special Weapon 2: MegaLaser Dual
Recharge: Very short.
Description: Twin lasers.
STORMWIND (Stormwind - The Elemental)
Special Weapon 1: SandStorm
Recharge: Very Long.
Description: Prolonged random placement of small red shots.
Special Weapon 2: Flare
Recharge: Medium.
Description: Random placement of explosions.
UNKNOWN (TX Silver Cloud)
Special Weapon 1: Proton Dispersal
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: Proton balls are fired in a spiral around your ship.
Special Weapon 2: Xega Ball
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: Large red balls are fired in alternating directions.
ENEMY (Captured U-Fighter)
Special Weapon 1: Dual Vulcan
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: A short burst of twin vulcan fire.
Special Weapon 2: Lightning Zone
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: 3 lightning bolts.
STEALTH (Ninja Star)
Special Weapon 1: Blade Field
Recharge: Medium.
Description: Random placement of shuriken shots.
Special Weapon 2: Invunerability
Recharge: Medium.
Description: A ring of balls surround your ship that do lots of damage to enemies. You are also invulnerable for a short time.
WEIRD (FoodShip Nine)
Special Weapon 1: Banana Bomb
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: Same as Banana Bomb Rear at level 9.
Special Weapon 2: Orange Shield
Recharge: Short.
Description: Three oranges circle to the front of your ship.
General Nortaneous's ship! The Nort-Ship Z has two Lightning Gerund companions. Moving side to side will cause small blue shots (Nort-Ship Dust) to drop from the back of the ship.
Special Weapon 1: Astral Zone
Recharge: Medium.
Description: Random placement of Zica Laser with a starry background.
Special Weapon 2: SDF Main Gun
Recharge: Very Short.
Description: The main cannon of the Super Dimensional Fortress from "Macross". A powerful wide laser.
LIZARD (Dragon)
Special Weapon 1: Dragon Lightning
Recharge: Medium.
Description: Short burst of Lightning Cannon at level 10.
Tyrian 2000 only.
PRETZEL (Pretzel Pete Truck)
Special Weapon 1: Super Pretzel
Recharge: Medium.
Description: A large pretzel shot that passes through enemies.
Tyrian 2000 only.