Two Player Mode Super Sidekicks

If player two picks up two or more sidekicks of the same type in a row they will get something else instead.

If player 2 picks up: They get:
2 x Atom Bombs 2 Companion Ship Warflys
3 x Atom Bombs Companion Ship Warfly + Beno Proton System -B-
2 x Charge Cannons 2 Companion Ship Gerunds
3 x Charge Cannons Zica SuperCharger
2 x Dual Shot Options 2 Tropical Cherry Companions
3 x Dual Shot Options Tropical Cherry Companion + MicroSol FrontBlaster
2 x MegaMissiles Tropical Cherry Companion + Mint-O-Ship
3 x MegaMissiles BattleShip-Class Firebomb
2 x MicroBombs 2 Flamethrowers
3 x MicroBombs MicroSol Frontblaster II + Microbomb
2 x Mini Missiles 2 Companion Ship Gerunds
3 x Mini Missiles Companion Ship Gerund + Wallop Beam
2 x Post-It Mines Mint-O-Ship + Post-It Mine
3 x Post-It Mines Mint-O Ship + Post-It Mine
2 x Single Shot Options 2 Mint-O-Ships
3 x Single Shot Options 2 Satellite Marlos
2 x Vulcan Shot Options 2 Side Ships
3 x Vulcan Shot Option Proton Cannon Indigo + Mint-O-Ship