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This is my Tyrian/Tyrian 2000 page. All the graphics and stuff are mine or World Tree Games's, you can't steal them.
It was last updated on 23rd March, making it about the only updated Tyrian page on the net (NOTE: this is no longer true). Why don't you start a page too? There are at least TEN remakes and fan games inspired by X-Com and Tyrian is at least as good as that. Oh well.
If you know of any Tyrian mods or active webpages or extra downloadables or cheats I don't have or anything Tyrian related email me here. I AM JUST A FAN AND I WAS NOT INVOLVED IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF TYRIAN SO STOP ASKING ME FOR PERMISSION TO REMAKE IT. But still tell me about any remakes you're making.

23rd March 2007 - Hey maybe I should update this thing. I just got an email from Alex Brandon about his new website and a website someone else has set up with all his Tyrian songs on it (but not Andreas Molnar's!(spelling?????)). The songs can play right in your browser exactly how they sound in the game (assuming you used adlib sound like a real man). Anyway the site is here.
OH YEAH some dudes over on the forums got the Tyrian sourcecode and they're porting it. After they do that I think they're planning to totally h4x0r it and add features and stuff. If you're sitting there thinking "WHY WASN'T I TOLD" then you should be checking the forums more cause that's where all the cool stuff happens (and on the chatroom - connect to chat.freenode.net on an IRC client and join the channel #tyrian). Hmm what else, I got emailed a cool hacked version of Tyrian that I should upload, and some other stuff, so if you're reading this after easter email me and remind me to do it okay?

8th August 2006 - You can play multiplayer Tyrian (and One Must Fall 2097) over the internet. If you didn't know this it's because you haven't been reading the forums like you're supposed to. There's stacks of fan art, modding info and other cool stuff there too.

22nd July 2006 - I'm moving the forums here so go and register now! Also I need webspace with FTP access cause I don't have room for all the downloads I need to put on here. IM me if you can help.

21st March 2006 - I now have five years of updates on this one page. Maybe I should make a news archive or start moving things to their own pages. Maybe later. Anyway, Danc posted a link to a Tyrian comic on his blog. His blog is full of neat stuff like that so start reading it if you're into Tyrian or game development. Alex Brandon has a blog too. Most interesting stuff like that gets posted on my forum before I stick it on here. Do you like the new forum logo? Rob is using it in his awesome Tyrian remake playable demo. See, if you'd ever bothered to read the forums you would have known about that demo weeks ago.

29th December 2005 - Thomas Lee informed me of a missing datacube which I have now added to the script. He also gave me a new tip for saving in Super Arcade mode. Finally, He has made a zip of Tyrian sound effects which you can download from his site.

15th December 2005 - Rick van den Oever sent me an animated GIF of some of his favourite Tyrian weapons. It's pretty neat. Check it out here.

1st December 2005 - Kenneth has sent me his Tyrian XOr Encryption/Decryption Utility. You can use it to decode and edit the cubetxt?.dat, levels?.dat, tyrian.hdt and tyrian.cdt files.

21st November 2005 - Kenneth Frank Henderson Jr sent me a completely new Tyrian level he made. He also has tools and information for editing all sorts of stuff in the game. I will upload those soon but for now you can download his new level here. Just unzip it to your Tyrian directory then start a new game on episode 4.

16th November 2005 - Rick van den Oever told me about some extra twiddles for the Captured U-Fighter. I have also revealed most of my Tyrian hacking secrets over in this thread on the forum. Now you can change anything in Tyrian 2000 that you could change using Tyrhack in Tyrian. I'll post a demo hack later showing what fun you can have with it.

26th October 2005 - Some Tyrian fan art can be found here.

21st October 2005 - Over in the forum Ariston Cordeiro AKA SSPecter has posted a link to his badass Tyrian inspired flash game. I've only played it for a few minutes but I'm impressed. It's got animated cutscenes, a shop that lets you customize even more aspects of your ship than Tyrian does, a story that makes sense and scripted events and dialogue during levels.

8th October 2005 - Wow so many posts in the forum. I am still going through them.

7th October 2005 - I haven't updated in a while because it's been our busy season at work. If I told anyone that I'd add something to the site and I forgot to please email me.

1st July 2005 - For those who missed it Matthew Ghingold (aka Megaxel) posted a little info about his upcoming Tyrian sequel here and here on the forum.

2nd May 2005 - Oops I forgot to upload an update again (see the one below). Doom!.

4th April 2005 - Daniel Cook (Tyrian's artist) has updated his website and added some art he made for other games. See if you can spot the datacube.

8th March 2005 - I ripped BEER.LDS from the .MUS file and added it to tyrianlds.zip on the downloads page. And it's my birthday tomorrow!

27th January 2005 - Some more about Tyrian 2. This is the plot created by Matthew Ghingold and Matt Richardson:


Years after the defeat of Microsol and the radical Zinglonites by
trick-pilot and former terraformation scout Trent Hawkins, he can
often be found in Midway's bars drinking very large amounts of alcohol
in the vague hopes that he'll forget it all happened. The
assassination of his parents by Microsol, the destruction he caused on
behalf of Transon Lohk and the knowledge that it was all over all over
a bunch of gravity-influencing ore were among the unwanted memories.
But none of it had forgotten him. While he enjoys an alcohol-ridden
retirement on planet Savara, the winds of war are shifting and if he
doesn't act soon then the entire sector will be in jeopardy.

The Zica have returned to claim Ixmucane. The planet is under Gencore
Tech Alliance control now that Microsol is dead. But Gencore refuses
to budge. Without any attempts at diplomacy, the Zica reveal an
enormous army and not only strikes at Gencore by taking over Ixmucane,
but planet by planet they start conquering Tyrian sector. The Gencore
Tech Alliance appeals to Trent for help, but their pleas fall on deaf
ears as the seemingly unstoppable Zica onslaught goes unanswered...
until they set their sights on Trent's home world. With his last hope
of a peaceful retirement gone Trent takes up arms as the war general
for the Mendivians governing Savara and begins his campaign to restore
peace to Tyrian sector.

His journey, however, is far from simple. Trent's inebriety and apathy
towards the rebuilt city around him mean he never realized his
cryo-sleep didn't last the 101 years he had hoped it would...it only
lasted 4. Which means that Transon will still be there with his
creepy, controlling smile. The Stargate Aliens, despite helping Trent
in the past, have allied themselves with the growing Zica forces. Can
Trent, using only a small army from Savara, stop the Stargate Aliens
and the Zica without selling out to Transon again? Even if he stops
the Zica, how will he maintain peace? Will he never find it for
himself? What tricks do the Zica have up their sleeves to take down
the master pilot? Where are the mysterious Collectors throughout all
of this? By Zinglon, I need a drink!

22nd January 2005 - Photoshop fun:

I think it looks a bit menacing.

20th January 2005 - If you have any questions about the sequel to Tyrian 2000 you can email Matthew Ghingold at megaxel@gmail.com.

16th January 2005 - I got an email from a guy named Matthew Ghingold who has received permission from Jason Emery to make Tyrian 2. Set after the events of Tyrian 2000 Trent is back in Tyrian sector and caught up in another war. Further plot details are still being finalized but is expected to have the same reluctant hero theme of the original. It will have several levels on each planet like those in Tyrian 2000 but in 3D. It will also have third person fighting in vehicles, spaceships and on foot (if you eject) in a free roaming 3D battlefield. There will be allied forces fighting with you which have their own AI but as General you can order tactics and manipulate them. These battles are described as shoot 'em ups in an arena-type setting similar to Rogue Squadron or Tachyon: The Fringe. Overall it will be a classic shoot 'em up but a lot more spiced up than most gamers are used to. To me it sounds like it will be more immersive than the original.
He has put together a development team and this is what he says about them:

Tyrian 2 Team (We are currently NOT accepting new members to
the Tyrian 2 team, sorry):

Robert Witko - This guy is the main programmer dude. He knows every
format back and front and, if he doesn't, it usually takes him around
half an hour to do so. Not only is he going to be the guy behind the
curtains working on game mechanics but I also plan on him giving the
rest of the group a lesson or two so later on in the project we can
take some of the workload off his back.

David Shire [Dorvis]- Our executive 3D artist. When I say "executive"
I mean "the only person legitimately qualified." I suck at 3D, Rob
gave up at 3D (gasp) and Schjimm doesn't know 3D from pencil shavings
(no offense). With any luck he'll be able to show the rest of us some
of the ropes so, again, down the line he won't be the only one
carrying the weight of his field.

Matthew Richardson [Schjimm]- He's the executive creative editor and
game mechanics integration assistant. In short he makes sure a) no
stupid ideas of mine make it into the final game and b) he'll be
working along with me in taking Rob's programming and putting Dave's
graphics to it. He'll also help integrate music, voices, sound effects
and with sound effect generation.

Matthew Ghingold [That's me][Olly]- I'm the Chris Kringle of the
organization; I pull everyone and everything together so it all fits.
I'll be delegating tasks, seeing to it that we stick to the original,
keep in contact with Jason Emery and will be executive game mechanics
integration meaning I take Dave's images and, like Schjimm, put them
to Rob's codes. I'm also delegated the sad task of making sure
everybody (myself included) is doing what they're supposed to be
doing. There are a million ways I can do this wrong; anybody who's
ever heard of Warrior's Destiny will easily agree wtih me (the card
game, not the online RPG).  Haven't heard of it?  Good.  Do yourself a
tremendous favor and keep it that way.

Jason Crowe [Pandable]-Sure, everybody listed above is important. But
without this guy no quality game will ever be worth playing. He puts
the icing on the cake. He makes all the beauty of the game shine
through the screen and into the players ears. Pandable is our
soundtrack guy. He'll be conceptualizing, writing, editing and
recording all the game's music for integration. A game without music
is like a sentence without a verb. Confusing and pointless.
Doubtlessly the most important guy on board.

Jason Emery (CEO, World Tree Games)- He has no real participation in
programming (unless he'd like to) but I do feel the need to mention
him because he has complete veto power over the game. If we want to
get it published we have to go through him. He's a very nice and very
cool guy. If our game is high quality enough then, with any luck,
he'll pursue publishing. I'd like to make sure both of the last two
sentences remain true throughout the project. I'll be contacting him
with constant project updates as well so his imput on the game is just
as important, if not more important, than everyone else's on the
Tyrian 2 team. Thanks a million, Mr. Emery. Without you none of this
would be possible.
I'll post a link when they get a website but for now they are focussing on getting development under way.

13th January 2005 - I have added a "script" and maps to the Guidebook.

29th December 2004 - Hmm I haven't updated in a while even though I have been preparing some stuff to upload. So I think I will distract everyone from my laziness with this screenshot I took of the NOT VERY SUPER SECRET Rum Bottle and Flying Punch:

22nd October 2004 - For some reason all the files in the TyrianFull.zip archive come out read only. Probably because they were copied straight from a CD or something. On my PC this causes runtime errors so I've removed the read only attribute from all the files and rezipped them. If you have been getting unexplained run time errors when trying to setup or play Tyrian, or you've been getting the message "filename.exe kann nicht geoffnet werden. Attriubut?" when trying to apply tppatch just download the game again.

11th October 2004 - Terry Froy has mirrored Tyrian2000.zip on his server so I have added a link to the download page. At his suggestion I have also added DosBox to the links page which I should have done ages ago :D

4th October 2004 - The AdPlug sound player library now has Loudness (LDS) support. LDS is the format Tyrian's songs were converted to MIDI from and it's the version you hear if you select FM Sound in the setup program. Using AdPlug and the LDS files here on the music page you can listen to Tyrian's music outside of the game and exactly the way it is meant to sound.

4th October 2004 - Tyrian 2000 for the Gameboy Color is now also on the downloads page.

28th September 2004 - I've changed my contact email address to this. You can still message me on MSN Messenger using smeggus@hotmail.com though.

27th September 2004 - The Tyrian Repository went over its download quota pretty early in the month so I am mirroring Tyrian 2000 GBA and the full version of Tyrian 2000 PC on my downloads page.

18th August 2004 - Mystery update! What does it mean???? Who knows.

17th August 2004 - The Tyrian Repository has been updated with copies of Tyrian for Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance AND Tyrian 2000! Yay! He also put up some info for us fans and links to the webpages of Alex Brandon and Daniel Cook (I was wondering where his site went).

7th August 2004 - I've added another Tyrian music remix to the Music page. Thanks to Scizor CT for finding it.

5th August 2004 - I got another email from Jason Emery :D Check it out:


I'm making up a mass mailing to all the Tyrian friends / fans who have emailed
me over the past two years.  After giving it some thought, I've decided the best
thing to do is to just put some things up on a website.

And of course much procrastination later, I picked a nice web hosting place
that's free and stuck up a rather quick-and-dirty site.  There'll be more to
come, and I'll probably try to find a copy of the final Tyrian 2000 game to put
up for download.

Hopefully this will become the main repository for downloading the game, as I
simply feel like keeping tabs on it.  Years of effort and all that. :)  But I
want people to play it, to which otherwise one would ask why did I bother
writing it at all?  Well, aside from the royalties that I lived on for a while
and got me to move out of my parent's house.

Anyhow, if you're getting this message, you must have emailed me before with a
question or comment about Tyrian.  And I've saved every one. :)

I'm off doing Gameboy games now for a weird company called Amaze, which is a lot
of fun, actually.  Though it does keep me pretty busy a lot of the time.

Have fun!

Jason Emery
World Tree Games

The site happens to be...


Yay free Tyrian 2000 download soon ^_^ It looks like the latest build of Tyrian for Gameboy Advance will be there too!

A while ago I found some interviews but I think I forgot to link to them. So here they are:
Alexander Brandon.
Alexander Brandon again.
A guide to Tyrian written by Jason Emery with information about making the game. The email address is out of date though.

3rd June 2004 - I got an email from Jason Emery a week or two ago saying he wants Tyrian to become available again so let's hope that happens. I also got an email from these dudes making a Tyrian and Raptor inspired game. It's at http://raptorv2.sourceforge.net/. Currently the graphics look like someone ate TwinBee for the NES and puked it out again so they're looking for someone who is good at graphics. If you are such a person go help them out otherwise you will be deemed a low use segment of the population and the effects of nuclear fallout will be tested on you.

13th April 2004 - I just changed the page a bit. It seems to work ok in most browsers.

2nd December 2003 - I've been sent some more information on a FreeSpace 2 mod which uses elements from Tyrian as well as other games and sci fi. This is what the author says about it:

You can read more about it on my forum here or see some images here.

9th October 2003 - No Tyrian news but Mountain King Studios has released Demonstar: Secret Missions 2 and I had to plug it cause they put my nick (Bateau) in the high score table.

5th July 2003 - I finally made some screenshots of Tyrian 2000 for Gameboy Advance which you can find here (362kb). The game is still in development so there are still some things missing and a few bugs. If you have any questions about the screenshots or T2KGBA post them in my forum but don't ask me to send you the game because I won't.

27th May 2003 - Borg No. One recorded all of Tyrian's songs in MIDI format and sent them to me. I've put them on the Music page. Good job.

21st April 2003 - I've created a forum for the site over at EZBoards so you can talk about Tyrian and ask me questions that I might actually reply to in a timely manner. Also, if anyone wants to be informed of updates to the site email me saying so and I will send you an email when I update. I won't send your email address to everyone else I mail or send you stupid surveys or any of the other dumb stuff people usually do when they get your email address.

16th March 2003 - CyclopsX has updated his site and added those GBC sprites. His Tyrian 2K page is here and his T2K for GBC page is here.

25th February 2003 - M.J. Duivenvoorde found a couple of Rock Garden remixes and I've put them on the Music page. Thanks!

7th February 2003 - I found the SoundBlaster Live! patches for Tyrian 2000 and the demo on my other PC so I added them to the Downloads page.

5th February 2003 - New stuff: dozens of Tyrian GBC and GBA art and screenshots, original high res Tyrian 2000 artwork, Tyrian 2000 GBC/GBA sales document and data on Stealth Multimedia's porn label all on the Info page. I fixed the Tyrian 2000 demo download too.

31st January 2003 - World Tree Games have moved their website again. This time it's at http://greycloaklabs.ca/~worldtreegames/. I've added the Music page too. In the next few days I'll be adding more songs in LDS format and some new information. I've been getting a number of emails from people who can't run Tyrian under Windows ME/XP. If anyone has any tips send them to me. This page is over 2 years old now. Gosh.

26th October 2002 - Added the latest version of the Tyrian FAQ to the downloads page and a link. I'll probably add sections of the FAQ as sections on this site in the future.

22nd October 2002 - Added info about Demonstar to the Info page, added the About Me page, redesigned the Downloads and Links pages.

19th October 2002 - WOOPS. I did an update back in June but I forgot to upload it HAHAHA. Ok World Tree Games moved their wepage to http://www.world-tree.150m.com/. The Tyrian Gameboy port is for Gameboy Advanced. There's a screenshot at the World Tree Games site which I've added to my Info page. The port is completed and the company with the rights to them (Symmetry) is in Europe trying to get a run published. Also, a new little Tyrian program has been uploaded to the Tyrian Developer's Page which generates random weapon names and descriptions. It doesn't change the game in any way and I've uploaded it to my Downloads page. And finally, now that Tyrian's publisher has gone down the intellectual property rights for Tyrian have reverted to their authors so Alexander Brandon has given permission for the Tyrian music to be distributed as long as you don't charge anyone for it. But until I get a decent shielded cable to link up the MIDI IN/OUT pins on my 2 PCs' game ports then I can't record the music properly. Does anyone know where to get a 15 pin game port cable that connects pin 12 to pin 15 and is female at both ends? Or does anyone know if Tyrian can be set up to send the music to one of those 5 pin round ports? Does anyone have a couple of computers with those round ports who would like to record Tyrian's music? Email me if you can help. It's pretty easy if you have the hardware and some free software.

7th March 2002 - I'm currently in the process of recording Tyrian's music as MIDI. I also have some new info I'll add soon.

19th October 2001 - Added a patch that allows you to play Destruct straight from the command line to the downloads page.

1st August 2001 - Added some stuff to the information page but still more to come.

9th July 2001 - Yet another dump of what I have so far, but still more to come.

6th April 2001 - Well I've been collecting Tyrian info from webpages, people, usenet etc ever since my last update and I've been adding a tonne of stuff. I still have a lot more to add but I figured I may as well just dump what I've added so far on here. It's all in the Codes And Cheats section. I'll upload my new custom ships when I finish an 8th one too.

8th January 2001 - I just uploaded the page. In future updates I hope to add more links (if I can find any active pages), more custom ships (I'm making some right now), and the latest version of the Tyrian FAQ (if I can find anyone involved with it who still checks their email).

Since 28/1/05