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A Coffee Table Book on Coffee Table Engines

Before I started designing my first Stirling Engine, I spent hours searching the internet for information on the different layouts and designs for these engines. Recently, as my interest in Stirling Engines was rekindled, I once again whiled away many hours browsing through the plethora of online sites devoted to these engines. As I explore the web, I am constantly amazed by the variety and quality of Stirling Engines that are produced by model engineers and enthusiasts. So much so that I thought it would be a great idea to put together a book containing a collection of pictures of some of these creations.

The term "coffe table" engine stuck in my mind after reading an article by Barry Dunman (describing his first venture into model engineering) on the Stirling South pages (by Roy and Richard), and "coffee table book" is sometimes used to describe a book that is largely pictorial in nature with little or no text. And so begins my Coffee Table Engine book project. My idea is to gather together a collection of photos of some of the better examples of model engineering Stirling engines and compile them into a glossy book. The pictures would be arranged to show a main view of the engine (preferable in a nice environment) with some smaller detailed picture (click on a thumbnail to the right for an example of the layout, the image will open in a new browser window).

However, since I only own two "coffe table" engines (hardly sufficient material for a book) and do not have the resources to travel around and photograph other peoples collections of Stirling engines, the ONLY way this project will ever succeed is with YOUR help. If you build or collect model Stirling engines and have access to a camera and would like to help make the Coffee Table Engines book a reality, then please click here for more information.

Your assistance with this project would be greatly appreciated.

Piero Velletri

April 2004

Update (February 2005)

Thanks to the response from some fellow Stirling Engine enthusiasts, I have managed to add a few more models to this page. Peter Kraus has sent me some pictures of a lovely Ringbom engine that he has built. Details of this and other engines he has built are on his web site (unfortunately for me, all in German). I have also received many wonderful photos from Hugo Lindner, one of which I have included here. Hugo has a large collection of Stirling Engines including some nice contempory styled models, one of which I used as the basis for a rendered CAD model and animation (see CAD Models and Animations). I have also added a picture of a Stirling Engine that I recently completed (based on my first CAD Model).

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