CTE Project FAQ

What is the CTE Project?

The CTE Project is an attempt to assemble a collection of pictures of interesting "coffee table" Stirling engines and compiling them into a coffee table book (ie: a book with lots of glossy pictures and minimal text).

How do you define an "interesting" engine?

Basically, any Stirling engine that is asthetically pleasing to look at would be a suitable candidate for the book. Because the book focuses on pictures, rather than text, form rather than performance is important. In most cases, the main purpose of a coffe table engine is to sit on a table look nice and run, so most model Stirling engines would automatically satisfy this criteria.

I have an interesting Stirling engine...now what do I do?

Take lots of pictures of the engine...select a few of the best ones and e-mail them to me (stirlingengine@iinet.net.au)! My intention is to compile the images into pictorial pages (see the examples on this web page) and, when (and if) I get enough pictures publish them in a book. Ideally, pictures should be taken using a digital camera in a nice setting like a garden (preferably not a "studio" shot). Pictures should be taken using the highest quality setting on your digital camera (remember they will eventually be printed in a book).

Should I attach all the pictures in one e-mail?

Please limit the total size of attachments in each e-mail to less than 5MB. This may mean only a few pictures (depending on the resolution of your camera) per e-mail.

What if I don't have a digital camera?

If you can not get access to a digital camera, but would still like to have you engine considered for the book, please e-mail me and perhaps we can organise some other way to get the pictures (eg: scanned from negatives or prints).

What is in it for me?

Hopefully (depending on how many picture I end up with) your Stirling engine would be featured in a book!

How will I know the progress of the CTE Project?

As I receive engine pictures (IF I receive any!) I will compile them into pictorials and add them to the CTE Project page on this web site. If you see lots of pictures being added, then you will know that the Project is succeeding...if not, well, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If I send a picture, will it definitely go in the book?

Firstly, there is no certainty that the book will go ahead...this depends on how many pictures I get, and other factors (such as publishing costs, interest in the book, etc/...). The selection of pictures for the book will depend on quality of pictures and how "nice" or unique the engine looks. There is no guarantee that all pictures will be selected for inclusion in the book.

If you have other questions of queries regarding this project, please e-mail me.


Created by Piero Velletri - Last Updated 20/04/04