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Welcome to Yet Another Web Site Devoted To Stirling Engines!

This site was primarily set up to provide an outlet for my infatuation with Sirling Engines. This started when I first saw a stirling engine running during a physics lecture in 1986. I still remember the engine, it was an "original" Solar-1 (although I did not know this at the time). I made a sketch of the engine with the hope of one day replicating the design myself. Finally, almost 25 years later, I managed to put together something similar using an old model aircraft engine which, surprising, actually worked!

At about the same time I started playing with some 3D CAD software (Solid Edge), and used this as an excuse to come up with a design that did not required the model aircraft engine (since I didn't have any more of these laying around). Within a week I had created a CAD model of the new Stirling engine and shortly after managed to animate the model. This was followed by a CAD model of an LTD stirling engine that an acquaintance had recently purchased.

My brief involvement with Stirling engines was then put on hold for several years to pursue career issues. I now find myself in an industry that once again allows me to delve into the construction of physical models (although the tools at my disposal are somewhat large by model engineering standards), and soon hope to complete the Stirling engine based on my original CAD model.

This web site is also designed to be a repository of images for a pictorial "coffee table" book on Stirling engines which I hope to someday compile (for additional information, follow the CTE Project link).

Update (February 2005)

It has been almost a year since I created these web pages and I have finally found some time to update the content. During this time I have completed the Stirling engine mentioned above (click on the picture to the right for a larger view, it also appears in the CTE Project section). I have also added another CAD model and animation (see CAD Models and Animations).

Click here to see an animated 3D cross sectioned model of a Stirling engine (file size 200 KB).

Click here to see an animated 3D model of an LTD Stirling engine (file size 525 KB).

Click here to see a Stirling engine made from an old model aircraft engine (file size 100 KB).

Or here to open a QT Movie of this Stirling engine running (file size 615 KB).

JPEG Image (125 KB)

Created by Piero Velletri - 20/04/04 - Last Updated 24/02/05

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