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CAD Models of Stirling Engines

The CAD models featured on this web site were all created using Solid Edge. I created my first 3D CAD Stirling engine model within a week of starting to use the software (a testoment to the excellent tutorials provided with this software). After completing the model I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the constraints placed on the individual parts when assembling the model accurately reflected the real kinematic relationships. This meant that when I "turned" the flywheel in the model, the positions of the piston, displacer and connecting rods would automatically update. This discovery led to the creation of the animated models (see Animations link for more info). Another great feature of Solid Edge is the ability to section individual parts, which enables the inner detail of the model to be revealed.

Not long after creating my first Stirling engine CAD model, an associate of mine purchased a Low Temperature Differential Stirling engine (designed by Bob Atkins - a fellow Australian). He allowed me to borrow the engine so that I could study and measure it, resulting in my second CAD model. By this time I had also discovered the rendering tools built into Solid Edge and decided to re-design some of the parts in my original Stirling model to take advantage of light and refections.

To view larger pictures of the CAD models, please click on the thumbnails to the right. The pictures will open in a new browser window (image file sizes are between 40 and 70 KB).

Update (May 2004)

I have recently completed another CAD model of a Stirling engine. This model is based on the MM04 Balancier built by Hugo Lindner, which is one of my favorite interpretations of the Hog Stirling Motor (sold by several companies on the internet). I have also animated this model (see Animations)

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