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Great Service with Quality to Match

Wallis Illustrations was established in 1993 to service the general building community by providing high quality, affordable digital illustrations for residential housing.

For years our clients have experienced the benefits of using a rendering in their projects. We supply a unique service and pride ourselves on customer satisfaction.

Using digital graphics we take your DXF or DWG files to produce rendered psuedo-perspectives or presentation elevations of your design to help bring the vision to your client, or maybe just to help yourself better visualize your project.

Once we have completed the draft illustration we will e-mail this to you for approval and comments. As your design is living and breathing this is also a perfect opportunity to make any colour
changes. Pending your approval we are ready to e-mail the final illustration. If you wish to make changes in your colour/material selections at any time, the process is extremely cost and time effective. In many cases it will take as long as it is to make a phone call.

Our illustrations have been used for a variety of purposes.

  • Visualisation for clients
  • Preliminary design decisions
  • Print media advertising
  • Brochures
  • On site billboards
  • Complimentary illustrations for customers

Our mission statement is quite simple.

Offer quality illustrations at affordable prices.



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